Posted by: Andy | June 8, 2007


Zain Elyas was born yesterday at 4:05 PM, 6lbs 9ounces 19.75 inches.

There are some pics up here.

It’s been a long, stressful road, but (duh!) of course it was worth it. It will be more worth it when we can take him home – he’s on anti-biotics and has to stay at the hospital for at least 72 hours.

Double of course, he is fucking adorable.



  1. Congratulations to all! I just happened to be reading Meg’s blog and saw your site. What a treat to see the pics of all of you.. but well Zain is the cutest.
    Sure hope I get to see you someday soon while he is still tiny-teeny.

    blessing and rest to you both and I hope he comes home soon!
    Love, Lisa


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