Posted by: Andy | June 10, 2007

still in hospital

So they hit overflow capacity or something today, so we were moved down to a smaller room. Jen got technically checked out last night, so we’re just here waiting for Zain’s last shot at 5 pm tonight. In the hospital all day for 1 shot! Fun. At least his IV will FINALLY be out after that, poor little guy.

And the cot in this room is much comfier than the fold out couch in the birthing room. Man did that thing give me a huge kink in my back. Z has been keeping us (but Jen mostly of course), doing the back-to-back feeding thing at times. Luckily this morning we got about a hour nap.


  1. can’t wait to meet him. good job being mommy and daddy waiting to bring him home, finally!


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