Posted by: Andy | June 22, 2007

We threw out a $20 medium pizza

from this place: Julianos.

We’d never eaten there before, and just found it at random on my phone – so we couldn’t read any reviews. However, the reviews wouldn’t have helped, as Google at least has it at 4.8ish stars.

We ordered pepperoni & mushrooms – there were about 3 layers of what looked like really low quality rubbery pepperoni, and the same amount of mushrooms. I’m sure some people would like that, but we were really grossed out. I ate almost a whole piece (after removing several layers of rubberoni), because I didn’t want to waste the money – $20 bucks is a lot for a medium pizza jeeeze – I wish I hadn’t. My stomach almost immediately felt sick. Jen had less than that of hers – then in the trash it went!

Man, what a waste of money. But hey, finding good food is all about risk – you try some shit in hopes of finding the SHIT. PS, if you want good pizza in North Portland, try here.

Of course, we weren’t in North Portland at the time. Sucked to be us!



  1. if you let me, i’ll come up to visit and i’ll bring dinner, whatever you two want. seriously. just ask.

  2. I sent Andy a myspace message – next weekend looks good for us, what about you guys?

  3. oh totally. I am soo there. and I have a bit of things for Z that are tiny and adorable…so what can I bring?
    Lasagna? Enchiladas? Seriously, I want to make something you two will like and don’t want you to have to worry about feeding us, or going somewhere to eat or whatever. I just want to see the little man!

  4. Jen says lasagna & enchiladas sound fiiine with her.

    PS – No comment about the “little man”.

  5. i can’t wait. i’ll bring dinner…you’ll have to be surprised, it’s probably going to be enchiladas…and about the other thing, you so dirty.


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