Posted by: Andy | July 2, 2007

A poorly written BSG ep

Man, I watched the dumbest episode of BSG last night. It was episode 3017, “Dirty Hands” I think. Now, I haven’t seen the much-net-maligned “Black Market” episode, so I can’t say if this was worse or anything, but there were a few things about it that just pissed me off.

* 6000+ years in the future and we are still making fuel via Charles Dickens-style 12 year olds working in factories SIFTING FUCKING SAND on a dirty assembly line. We have top of the line tech in our fighters, but the fuel is made by sifting sand by hand? And you have to manually pull clogs out of the line, risking serious injury, or else the whole goddam ship blows up? Taking the entire fleet’s fuel supply and means of production with it? Wow, that must have been written by …someone really stupid. Sci-Fi? Sci-Fucktarded.

* The President & Admiral’s sudden about faces at the end were just stupid, and completely contrary to their previous actions.

* People actually listening to Baltar after what he did to them on new Caprica. Ok, this wasn’t as bad as the previous two, because those were really bad…and people can be really stupid. But it’s still a pretty long stretch.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the 3rd season (I sat most of the first two out *gasp* because parts of them really annoyed me – so yes, I’m not a die hard fan), but man was that a crummy episode. Oh, and Starbuck’s finally temporarily off the show, at least for a bit. Yay! I was really getting tired of her whole self destruction thing. REALLY. TIRED. I seriously doubt she’s gone for good though – if she is, that has got to be the worst character arc in the history of TV. Destined to accept death and die? Wow, umm no I don’t think even the writers of “Dirty Hands” would be that stupid. She’ll be back in one form or another.



  1. okay. i’ve seen them all and i could totally comment about this, like 5 months ago, but since it’s been so long all i can say is that i think i sort of agree.

    starbuck, the most annoying character ever on t.v.

    admiral and president – talk about dumb i hated that whole about face they did. it seemed like maybe fans didn’t like the whole thing and the writers decided to just “fix” the relationship quickly to appease the masses, yeah, dumb.

    Now about the sand into fuel, well, remember they don’t have a planet and perhaps this technology is “old and outdated” for them to, but since they don’t have a planet, it’s the best they can do….

    i’m just playing the BSG advocate…cause it’s fun and i like it and I’m totally looking forward to the new season.


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