Posted by: Andy | July 3, 2007

Season 3 finale of BSG

We finally caught up. The best season finale of any show in my recorded memory, possibly ever. Although I think the final episode of ST:TNG was pretty good, but it’s been a while.

They succeeded in revitalizing several characters who were bordering on stale and obnoxious, and bringing a few minor characters to the fore, did some damage to others (Felix) in the process, and left us with a hell of a cliffhanger. I still can’t stand Roslyn though. MEH! Not much can save her from being arrogant and annoying. Oh, and the plastic-yness of her face is scary. That episode needed more Sharon/Athena though – ESPECIALLY the scene with her and plasticface, Sharon needs to put her fucking foot through her face. Not only did the pres hide the baby from her, but she also used baby’s blood used on herself. Arrogant!

We’ll see if they can make Starbuck not as annoying as ass fuck for S4, it’s a tall order to fill. Props to Meg for agreeing that Starbuck is/was annoying. Because she is/was.



  1. yeah, and also, i’m really kindda pissed that she’s not dead-dead. you know what i mean?


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