Posted by: Andy | July 8, 2007

pet peeve: chocolate in trail mix

Who thought of this? Seriously.

Person 1: Man, I want a healthy snack chock full of nuts and dried fruits.

Person 2: That would be great, you know what would make it better – let’s put in a bunch of chunks of chocolate!

*sound of shotgun*

P1: It sure would be great if I had a bunch of long storing, no heating/cooling required food bits that I could take with me on my hike, on these trails. Maybe a mix of say, nuts and dried fruits…I could call it tr-
P2: Trail mix! The name was totally my idea, I win! And let’s put in some chunks of chocolate so whenever you’re hiking in the heat it all melts and turns the whole thing into a shitty mess that gets all over your hands!

*sound of shotgun*

I know people like sweet shit..but can’t they just call that “chocolate trail mix” or something and leave it separate?



  1. agreed.

    you know, i’m getting a little bit concerned that I seem to agree with you all the time now…yeah. i’m worried about that.

  2. Maybe you should see my shrink: me. He’ll tell you that I have a pretty good idea about the shape of reality. Maybe not the face though, that’s creepy.

  3. You’re funny. Would you still have a problem if they put chocolate in your peanut butter?

    I think not.


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