Posted by: Andy | July 10, 2007

What a way to start the day…

…with some fingers in my ass.

What!? You say?

Well, lets start at the end: I gazed out the window afterwards, wistfully, and sore, and thought “This must be what prison feels like.”

OK, now back to the beginning. Some of this may be TMI for you happy readers (thus resulting in unhappy readers), if that’s the case just stop reading.

Onward: I went to the doctor today for a somewhat infrequent (it pops up for a

month at a time, then goes away for months) problem I get with having to pee a lot. This resulting in my getting my first ever prostate exam, lubed up glove and all. And let me say “WOW!” Even though you know it’s coming, it’s still sort of a magical surprise, yeah?

He says “lean over here, on your elbows”, and I do, and I try to relax, because I know it’s going to sting. And then I start yelling..kind of low like “oooohhhhhhoahhhhhhuggggggg”, trying not to be too loud. And he says “Does it hurt? Aside from the pressure.” And I really don’t know what to say, because FUCK YEAH IT HURTS, but I suspected that was just the normal pain. So you know, during my painful moaning, I tried to be sensitive to what parts hurt more, and one part did indeed hurt more, so now I’ve got a nice prescription for some anti-biotics, just in case I hav a prostate inflammation.

*I don’t know how the butt sex folks do it. Ok, I know how they technically do it, but you know what I mean. Lots of lube and stretching I guess.
*There’s supposed to be a male g-spot near the prostate. Hmm. I suspect mine might be low-functioning (codeword for retarded, thanks Andy!), because that shit did not arouse me in ANY form. Not that it was all that romantic or anything, but I’d think if someone was rubbing my g-spot, I’d at least notice it was a g-spot, if you get my drift.



  1. *pulls on glove*


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