Posted by: Andy | July 20, 2007

green fairies


I had absinthe tonight, tried it for the first time that is. It’s definitely a strong alchohol, but I don’t/didn’t feel any of the craziness various scare-tactic-ers attribute to it.

It’s REALLY licorice-y tasting. So if you like that kind of thing…me I’m not so big on it, but it definitely wasn’t bad. While the taste was fairly meh (maybe absinthe connoisseurs will have beef with this, but the stuff I got is rated “good to mid” here, so maybe it’s just not that great), the buzz is very nice, very relaxing. I do seem to be sweating a good deal more than I should be, but maybe alcohol in general does that to me, I forget.

I’ve heard rumors through a friend of an associate who works for the DoJ that it will be “completely legal” here as of next year. It’s somewhere in a deep, deep grey area right now, and is quite easy to acquire from a foreign source, and as near as I can tell, no one has had their house invaded and had it seized yet. Even seizures by customs are very rare. I think I also read a story about a New York company making it authentic style, and getting the OK to serve it in bars, so we’ll see.

Wow, lots of licorice taste.

Maybe sometime when we’ve got friends over I’ll have a second glass (I only had one, with the alcohol content pppprrrrobably about equal to 1.5 shots of “standard” liqueur – and I do feel about 2-2.5 shots buzzed right now, which is decent), I have a feeling that would be fun. For now, I have no friends around Jen can’t indulge, so I’m not going to get trashed all by my lonesome (ahh, memories of baking cookies). I just wanted to sample it. Plus, the spoon looks badass.



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