Posted by: Andy | July 21, 2007

another month’s worth of linkshite

Amusing commercial for European films. Apparently it pissed of some Polish Catholics.

news guy runs into a problem. I guess this shouldn’t be funny, and I usually hate that “Funniest Home Video” shit, but…I can’t help it, I laughed.

Political stuff:

*Lots of junk on the Clinton years on PBS. Some of it was surprisingly interesting, and I’ll probably go back and read more when I’m 40.

*Scooter (Libby) is a role model! For an unexpected segment of the population…
White students at black colleges. Not really political, but racial stuff seems to meld into politics so often. Pretty interesting, interesting to see things happening in this direction.
*Clinton & military on some guy’s blog. I forget exactly what this was about, maybe a military guy refuting what righties often say about Clinton cutting the military and shit being his fault?

Computer related junk:

*Cool stuff about getting your mp3 collection sorted: 1 2
*Photoshopping Faith Hill for Redbook. And you thought celebrities were pretty enough already! Fuck you personal trainers, we have graphics editing software!
*There’s been junk about gaming addiction in the news lately, well here some dumb fucks had to go and make it semi-official. I have a feeling they would have found something else if not video games though. My experience with weak willed people with addictive personalities is that a) they’ll always find something to get addicted to and b) why are they not fixed? They should not be breeding. Thanks for helping (with those nutty Korean & Chinese WoW addicts) to give the sane gamers a bad name. Because most people are too stupid to know the difference. This does include our law makers…

*Hotmail suckage. Does this surprise anyone?
*Some tips for buying a Dell from an ex-employee or some junk.
*NYTimes article about Chinese gold farming. If that term doesn’t mean anything to you, I’m not surprised.
*Myspace & facebook & social class divisions.

The weird world of science:
*Before the big bang
*Altruism & the brain over at Washington Post.
*Brain controlled electronics at CNN.

*Plants know their siblings. Pretty trippy.
*Human junk dna may not be junk
*Eris is bigger than Pluto. But those of us in the know, have always known. Hail Eris!
*The amazing recycling microwave. But the real question: will it do my dishes?
*Reach out and touch someone – through your screen!


*More stuff bubbling up in the never-ending Roswell saga.

….PS: The man hits sign video is fake.



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