Posted by: Andy | July 31, 2007

Zain loves 2am

OK, actually he’s really digging the whole 2-5am block lately, the last 4 days at least. Man, has it made for some horrid nights and zombie days. It’s almost 2 right now, and I’m realllllly hoping he gets tired soon. He has a special 2 AM mood I think. He’s not necessarily hungry – he will eat if you feed him, but that doesn’t quite satisfy him and we won’t fall asleep afterwards like he usually does earlier in the day. He just wants to look around and kick his legs like a madman. And yes, he wants his binky. Even though he spits it out every 1-3 minutes, you’d damn well better put it back in or that cheery mood will go byebye.

Of course, he is adorable. Not much can change that, even insanity. But man, after 2 or 3 nights (or months) of no sleep, or 2 hours sleep, you really start to feel crazy. And sometimes he looks like a fire hydrant. I haven’t been this stupid in years, and never this stupid sober I suspect. People will say things to me and I hear the most bizarre things, and have to make sure I catch and censor myself before I respond to what I *think* I heard. I pretty much second guess EVERYTHING I hear now. All day, everyday. The days after the 5 am nights are the worst. Man, the energy drinks must be destroying my body. Shades of grad school again. Hah!

Right now he’s laying on a pillow across my lap, staring up at me and making his poor little congested breathing sounds, eyes as wide as really wide baby eyes. He’s also losing his binky every few minutes.

It is kind of sad that as you get older, you come to understand your parents perspectives..or at least the stereotypical “parent perspective” of “how much I did for you” kind of stuff. Even more so with mommy of course, with all the pregnancy stuff & the birth itself. And the middle of the night feedings.

We had a welcome/post-baby shower this weekend and had like 14 other people in our house on Saturday, I’m pretty sure it was a hosting record for us. I think it went very well, especially considering the mental state of the hosts ;). I’ll post some pics later; it was great to see everyone again, and especially nice to get so many faces in the same place where we got some rare cross family/friend group interactions.

Back to trying to get him to fall asleep, I hope this phase doesn’t last much longer.



  1. I have to tell you, he is absolutely adorable! I have an 8 year old Zane 🙂 Strangely enough I also bought that exact boppy pillow for this baby. I know it sounds weird but enjoy the sleepless nights and zombie days. It goes by so fast! ( check back with me when this baby is born, I’m sure I’ll be saying the exact opposite )
    Congested breathing? Is he sick? 😦

  2. I didn’t even know you were up that late last night! Poor baby. I THOUGHT last night was pretty good…turns out I was just passed the fuck out! 🙂

  3. re: pookie: Every night we’re together is a good one 🙂

    re: knittingnoob:

    He isn’t sick, he’s just congested, the doctor has told us that he’s normal, but for a while we worried about it a lot, being new parents and all. Now it’s only minorly unsettling.

    It’s strange, but I’ve had that thought about enjoyment and all…enjoyment and pain..and feeling like I’m living in a parental deja-vu time-warp. It’s all very coming of age and junk.

  4. And btw…this post is HILARITY. Fire hydrant??? You’re too witty my friend.

  5. i didn’t even know you were zombie at the party…maybe there were enough distractions , i.e. Zain to keep me occupied.

  6. oh and a weird thing?? i ran into your mom and step dad at costco on saturday, in san luis…it was weirddddd.

  7. Yeah…pretty small world huh? My mom emailed me about that the other day..whenever it happened.

  8. First of all: funniest blog ever. Second:….I’m so sorry. Hahahahah. Okay, so about the parent perspectives. Yeah. Scary. Scarier that what’s really bugging me is that EZRA

  9. Sorry about that. … (cont.) won’t get it until HE has kids. LAME. It’s also proof that people weren’t being condescending (as I suspected with what limited understanding I had at the time which I of course didn’t realize was so limited) when they said “you’ll understand when you have kids” or “you’ll understand when you get married”. I think it about people all the time. I just try not to say it because why speak Japanese to someone who only understands Mandarin.

  10. I dont know who you are. I have no idea how I found this page. I just spent the past 15 minutes reading every entry about Zain and I am sooo amazed. I am sending this link to my friends and family for a fun ready.

    Anyhow just wanted to wish you and your family well. I truely admire you all..

    -Jerry in korea

  11. Ummmm…OK dude. Thanks for dropping in :).

  12. Andy! Try not to sound so antisocial!

  13. I was sincere! I know it’s hard to tell…I was just surprised that someone found that random old post.


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