Posted by: Andy | August 1, 2007

Ok it’s 1:30 now and he’s still up

But the good news is – he didn’t just wake up! He’s been up since like 10:30…which means he’ll hopefully be falling asleep soon. W00t!

[Edit: My lovely wife tells me he was asleep when I wrote this…he must have just fallen asleep…I went to bed soon after, and it was nice.  He didn’t sleep through the rest of the night solid though, poor Jen.  Poor little Zain too, he’s got his night & day reversed!]



  1. He was asleep when you wrote this…

  2. Day and night reversed? Yeah i know that feeling totally, our newborn was up all night thankfully my mrs was sorting her out, but i will be trying to help more tonight


  3. my blog is by the way 🙂

  4. I wish I didn’t have selective amnesia. Did Ezra do this?? I need to know before I start romanticizing a second baby!!!!


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