Posted by: Andy | August 2, 2007

Half-mobile baby blog

So I’ve got this great new PDAphone gadget (that I’ll blog a bit more extensively about at some point), and I think I’ve almost got it set up so I can blog from it. As a halfway test run, I snapped this pic of poor Zain getting his 2 month shots on the camera, and let it upload to picasweb in the background via some program I found last week (again, more on that later.)

Anyway, so that half works, maybe next time I’ll try adding some text from the phone as well. Supposedly whatever little app I’m using can also send photos directly to WP too…but I have limited space here so who knows if that’s worth it.

I think Z did pretty well with the shots – he cried very loudly right when it happened and lit up beet-red, but seemed calmed by us pretty quickly. He is, as always, adorable.

He’s up to 11lbs 2 ounces and 22 inches long!



  1. This picture makes me sad. 😦

  2. Hey dude, thanks for visiting, FYI i have moved to now.

    I don’t think Poppy has Colic although i am no expert, she seems to have been ok today so i guess it must have been one of those things.

    I know what you mean about not getting much sleep and i am just trying to deal with it and my other half is fantastic at this mothering anyways so thats good.

    Hope Z and Jen are doing well and i will check back to see how your getting on


  3. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME? Gimme my belly-fruit so I can kiss it better!


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