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CD Review: Tegan & Sara – The Con

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Yes, I linked to Pitchfork’s image. So sue me. I haven’t read their review yet though, don’t want to be tainted. I’ve had about 4 full listens though so far (2 sort of on low volume background style first to adjust, then two loud listens in the car, with nothing else to focus on).

So, what do I think? The short of it is that I like it less than any of their previous albums. I’m not not saying it’s a bad album…but there are definitely songs I don’t like so much, and one I will pretty much skip every time in the future. It’s quite annoying (Like O, Like H – what was Sara thinking???). There are 3-5 solid songs (The Con, Back in your Head, Hop a Plane, Nineteen, Call it Off) one decent one (Dark Come Soon), a few sub-standard ramblers, one track that sounds pretty out of place (Are You Ten Years Ago?), and that one annoying song I mentioned.

Some interesting notes: Sara only wrote one of the songs I like (Back in Your Head), and wrote the song I really didn’t like. The rest of hers are all on my “middling” list. Tegan wrote the other 4 songs I like (The Con, Hop a Plane, Nineteen, Call it Off) & the decent one (Dark Come Soon), and only one song that I sort of don’t like (Are You Ten Years Ago). I find this interesting, because one review I did read (over at Allmusic) mentioned that they liked Sara’s more “mature” songwriting to Tegan’s “simpler emo & pop-punk arrangements”. Well, I guess I’m a sucker for a good hook, what can I say?

Unfortunately, nothing here comes close to the gems on the previous 3 albums. Hopefully they loosen up and don’t try to be so serious for the next one.

On a side note, Matt Sharp played bass on a number of tracks….maybe T&S will guest star on the new Rentals album!!

OK, I’m reading Pitchfork’s review now, let’s see what they say. Similar to what I said I guess.

I haven’t watched the DVD that came with it (damn cd cost $17 bucks – that dvd better be worth $5!!), probably this weekend.

[EDIT 041608:

For those of you searching for who wrote what song (and too lazy to look in your liner notes), here is the list:

Track Title author
1 I Was Married
2 Relief Next to Me
3 The Con Tegan
4 Knife Going In
5 Are You Ten Years Ago Tegan
6 Back in your Head Sara
7 Hop a Plane Tegan
8 Soil, Soil
9 Burn your Life Down
10 Nineteen Tegan
11 Floorplan
12 Like O, Like H Sara
13 Dark Come Soon Tegan
14 Call it Off Tegan

I’ll fill in the others when I go home and look at my liner notes.

Oh, and I want to re-affirm that “Like O, Like H” is the worst song they have ever written.  It does not get better with continued listening :P.

/end edit]



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