Posted by: Andy | August 16, 2007

Faith in stop signs

Do you ever have a momentary lapse of faith in stop signs, turn signals, and painted white lines in general? Like, the lifetime of self-brainwashing we’ve done to convince ourselves that we are safe inside the invisible walls that leap from those aforementioned lines starts to waver and fade, like the heat rising off the blacktop? You start to get flashes that stop signs are just WORDS ON METAL and those WALLS ARE NOT REAL and some idiot could just crash right into you – that stop sign certainly isn’t going to stop him. Or her. Do you ever get that feeling?

I get it occasionally, and had it momentarily today. It does seem sort of insane (clinically!) when you think about the faith we place is traffic decorations. But that faith keeps us safe…faith that, basically, everyone else’s faith is as strong as yours and they will obey those invisible walls just like you do.

That got me thinking about all the immigrants we have living in this country today, and how many of them come from places where traffic is much…looser than it is here. I wonder if that has any kind of effect on our own traffic patterns. Here’s a few vids to illustrate my point;




You can find plenty more if you dig around youtube. Some of that shit is just plain creepy. But hey, that’s one way to deal with overpopulation right? I should try to dig up some of their auto accident statistics, that would be the academic thing to do. I don’t exactly have that kind of time right now though, so you can use your imagination.

Mexico, at least, does have stop lights.

While I’m talking about absurd reality systems, the way they do street addresses in Japan is pretty crazy too.



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