Posted by: Andy | August 19, 2007

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So we went out driving in Vancouver (Washington, not Canada sadly) today. We went out to the lake park, but unfortunately a) they charge 2 bucks to get in and b) they only take cash. Let’s hear it for people living in the 70s!

So all along the road on the way out there are these NASTY clumps of spider webs in trees, like a large tree will have 4-10 of them.

nasty spiders

BARF! angle face

What else have we got…oh yeah, Just in case you wanted to see my acne and/or facial hair up close, here’s my face all funky and and angled:

After that I was messing with the camera’s zoom, and wanted to see how decent max range/max zoom photos look. So this is a shot of a dog at 12x zoom – I think it’s 3x optical 4x digital. It looks ok I guess, but, you know, everything could be better. How am I going to be a super spy without being able to read lips at 300 yards on my camera!

And what else…yeah it was an exciting day as you can see. Dogs on benches, what a crazy world we live in. Just in case you were really hunting for some real excitement, the last shot here is of some white trash about to shuffle up a right good fracas. Ok, nothing actually happened, but one guy did call the other dude over and yell something about “respect” at him. Gotta have respect – I mean, if you don’t respect random people in parks, who can you respect? Certainly not the president of this great nation.

Certainly not.

OK, I fooled you, there is no last picture. It didn’t come out well, not that it would have been interesting even if it had. Enjoy the giant spider-ball-web.



  1. I don’t know why that dog on a bench is so darn funny…it just IS.

  2. Hahaha – that first picture made me barf into the punchbowl we all share. And I like that pic of you! Which means one of two things. One: you’re too critical of yourself. Or two: I look at you through love-tinted glasses and go around telling people how cutesy adorable you are and they silently think it’s precious that I would say such obvious falsehoods aloud. Now I know how Tori Spelling’s parents felt.

    But you’re cute, so that’s irrelevant.


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