Posted by: Andy | August 23, 2007

On weather & traffic between Portland & Vancouver

I used to think people up here just got really stupid when it came to driving in the rain, which puzzled me to no end because, haven’t they lived with this weather for many years? At least many more years than I have. You wouldn’t think it would take long to get used to driving in the rain when it rains like 50% of the year but no, there are always more accidents and more morons when it rains – how hard is it to just SLOW DOWN IN WATER?

BUT, I think I’ve discovered that I’m wrong. Or at least I have a reason to give them the benefit of the doubt now. I say “them” because even though I’ve been here almost 3 years now, I don’t feel like a “Portlander” or whatever. My new theory is that it’s not necessarily the stupidity of the drivers that increases as the weather worsens, but rather the number of drivers – which has the ancillary effect of increases the number of accidents, just because there are more people on the road.

Why is this my new theory? Because I’ve noticed that when it’s sunny afternoon (3-6pm) traffic is horrid, and when it rains it’s tolerable. It’s slightly the reverse in the mornings (630-7am) – sunny day traffic is bad, rainy day traffic is horrible. Leading me to believe that, around here at least, people work longer days when the weather is bad.  Which isn’t entirely illogical you know – you want to get out and enjoy that sun while it’s there. The funny thing is, if you live in Vancouver at least, bailing on work 30-60 mins early on a sunny day only nets you like 0-20 minutes of extra time.  To me that’s just not a winning equation, especially the 60->0 one, which certainly happens. Yet people still do it.  Then again, people are anything but logical.  Hell, drunk people try to have sex with bears.



  1. That….was just confusing. Answer my dang comments, brosephanie.

  2. I didn’t notice you posing a question. Vat did you vant to vow?
    Wait, that last one doesn’t quite work.

  3. They aren’t questions…I’m pouting now. You don’t wanna answer my comments. You probably don’t even read them because you probably HATE me!!

  4. Hmm, sounds like someone needs attention…

  5. So. Where is it?

  6. In the trunk. Under the stroller.

  7. ….
    No more brotherly love for you.

  8. Fiiiiiiine, no more joking or sarcasm for you!
    Lying yes.

  9. Hahaha – wait, I’m trying to be more exotic. New laugh: Jajajajajajaja! Chess!


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