Posted by: Andy | August 25, 2007

baby stress

So Thursday night Zain had his first real “freakout” – screaming and crying REALLY loud, in a way he hasn’t cried before. Mommy and I were quite worried/upset. What I *think* happened was that he had a serious tummyache, as mylocin (?) helped him for a while. To make matters worse though, I made that most horrifying (yet common?) of parental mistakes: I accidentally bonked his head on a wall (doorframe actually) while trying to comfort him. Some kind of comfort that is – good job dad!

Now he didn’t hit it hard or anything, at least I don’t think he did – my memory gets all weird about the moment, it’s like everything is frozen in time. When it happened I remember everything kind of flashed white and I freaked out internally, fearing that I caused him some serious damage. Luckily I’m pretty sure that’s not the case, but it certainly made things worse/more traumatic for all of us last night. And served to reinforce how clumsy I am lately. WHAT THE FUCK? Seriously, I don’t think I was clumsy at all as a kid…when did this kick in? I’m always tripping over things, stubbing toes, bumping elbows, etc. nowadays. Is this like the early onset of old age or something? Whatever it is, it just means I need to be extra-extra careful with little Z. I don’t know what I would do if I actually damaged him.

Here’s a pic of him with a giant snot bubble. Because I think it’s adorable.



  1. We’re in the same boat, baby. I repeat this mantra to myself every day: Must not hurt/drop/smoosh baby. Some would say I’m paranoid. 😉
    Truth be told: you’re a good papa.

  2. That Jennifer’s baby alright. Dang. Even with that snot bubble, he looks like her. If she were a pale male infant. He also looks like his cousin.
    I was about to send that without any reference to Andy and his obvious concern…. don’t worry. 🙂

  3. you are a good papa. we saw first hand how the two of you really are an amazing team. you’re both doing so good. seriously.

  4. Thanks for all the support. I know/believe we’re doing a good job, but there are always worries. Which is a good thing I think, keeps us on our toes. Which may be a bad thing for me…since I’m so clumsy I should stay flat on the ground.


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