Posted by: Andy | September 1, 2007

How to sell us a car, step 1: Don’t be a leery creep

So we’ve decided to get rid of our car, because with the baby here we are now much more safety minded. Oh, and because it’s a craphole.

I think we’ve also going to opt for a new car, so we can get the warranty and all that crap and not have to worry about stuff like that for 3-5 years. Soooo….we cruised out to Beaverton today and went to a few car lots, first stop was the Mazda lot, because Jen likes the way the Mazda3 hatchbacks look. We both drove it, and it was nice enough. I thought the interior looked sort of goofy, and the seat adjustments are manual, which seems kind of dated, but it drove ok. The salesman was nice enough, even though he only been working there “3 hours” and frankly, knew jack shit about the cars. I give him points for admitting that and not trying to BS us though. His boss was also decent as far as car salesman go (I’m not strong enough to throw them very far), and we left there with a more or less positive vibe.

Next stop was the Saturn lot where, unfortunately, they didn’t have any cars that looked interesting. Which is a shame, because their sales strategy sure is nice. Heck, the guy came up and asked if we wanted help and we said “No” and he just smiled and went back inside. No pestering or anything. Shame their cars are so boring.

We walked by/through a VW lot on the way back, and checked out the new Jettas & Rabbits, we may test drive some tomorrow because Jen finds them cute, and they seemed more affordable than I thought they would be.

Last stop for the day (because man were we tired, and so was poor baby Z – too much heat & car seat for him!) was the Hyundai lot. Their cars are probably the most affordable, along with Kia and crap like that, but I really don’t want another Kia, and was never impressed with their stuff. Hyundai’s also happen to be pretty safe (or so I hear). We both drove a Sonata & Elantra, and liked them well enough – nothing special to look at, but pretty nice to drive. Jen dug the satellite radio too, so we may invest in that in whatever we get. Anyway so yeah, on to the creepiness.

After Jen got back from the last test drive (I waited inside holding Z so he could get a little break), this guy I guess (she’ll have to tell the story I wasn’t there) was leering at her, and it turns out to be our salesguy’s boss. People are going to check out attractive people, it happens, but don’t be a fucking weirdo/obvious about it!

The sales guy was nice, I liked him – it was also his first day, but he had actually done his homework and was able to give lots of good answers, and be generally helpful. As we’re getting ready to go (because we sure weren’t a) going to buy anything today and b) buy anything before we drove everything) his boss rolls up and tries to put the buy pressure on us. Sorry dude, that shit doesn’t work on me. And it doesn’t help that you’re radiating a big creepy/oily vibe. At this point I didn’t know he’d been leering Jen already or I would have been even more annoyed with him.

Anyway, long story short: even if we actually wanted one of the cars you were selling, we won’t be buying any cars from your dealership.

Don’t be a jackass, let people decide for themselves.



  1. I’m not sure I can accept the Frenches driving a new car. Pieces of crap totally compliment your Adult Swin-iness. But, Zephyr does deserve the bestest. So, in short: No on Kia, Yes on VW. I’m sure my input means a lot.

  2. That’s funny because a) everyone thinks Kias are crap (literally like every salesperson we talked to found a way to say that Kias suck) and b) we got a VW. More later.


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