Posted by: Andy | September 7, 2007

Dog Whisperer

Yes, I (of all people) have a semi-kryptonite in the Dog Whisperer. If I’m flipping the channels (which I happened to be today since I was home with Z – more on that later) and it comes on, I’m magnetically (ok, BS I know) compelled to watch it, often for an entire episode or two (since there is never just one, I think it’s like the only show the Nat. Geo. channel has…). I’m not even a dog person, but there’s just something fascinating about seeing this guy take charge and GSD (Get Shit Done (with an optional “BITCH!” at the end) where these other people can’t. He really does seem to have an understanding of the animals, it’s about the only case where the term “dog psychologist” actually sounds like a pile of bullshit small enough to fit in one hand. Also, it seems like at least 80% of the time, the problem is with the owners, which brings me great amusement. Seeing the kind of people that would favor dogs over children is always…enlightening too.

Oh, yeah, back to the day off thing. So this week we started our new schedule, with J back to work 4 days, Z in day care 3 days a week, and me switching to 4-10s so I can take a day off as well and watch him. It went pretty well. He’s not broken and I’m still sane at least ;).



  1. That Patti Labelle (oops I’m sorry, I meant Miss Pat) episode made want to spit. Who keeps a dog that snarls and snaps at you? Why keep a dog that you’re afraid of? It all seems so scripted…I now severely doubt Cesar’s skills. 😛


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