Posted by: Andy | September 15, 2007

googly poofy

Google went down like half an hour ago…it was down for..hard to say 15-30 mins, but still that’s a pretty monumental feat considering the width and breadth (sp?) of Google’s crazy network of datacenters.

Oh, and Matt Taibbi, I still love you but DAMN if your articles aren’t full of venom these days. I mean they always were, but your disgust with the current state of things is showing through like an open wound. And not a sexy open wound. More like the kind of wound that makes it difficult for me to get righties to read your articles, because there’s good info in there – but when it’s so laced with anger and resentment/etc., man it’s kind of painful.

[edit: Something went screwy and this never went to post when it should have..which was the night google went down.  Friday I think?]



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