Posted by: Andy | September 16, 2007

new blog look

I think some of my coworkers have started to think I’m pretty negative person…possibly due to their interaction with my half-conscious-no sleep self of the last several months. Sooo….I’m trying not to sound so pessimistic in general, trying to be less mean to random people on the streets (but not celebrities, that’s that they’re there for!), and you know, try not to sound like I’m an unhappy person (because I’m not!). Does the new, happy-brighty blog look help? Do I somehow seem more balanced because a portion of my web-persona is glowier?



  1. I meant to say something about that. And…no. It seems forced. Like a really angry person trying to lull me into a false sense of security.

  2. About one of those pictures up there…. were you ever a crossing guard?

  3. i’m happy you’re happy and that’s all about that.

  4. It’s certainly not perfect – the colors I can’t stand for the most part, but the layout I like. I’m really annoyed that the colors for days with posts on the calendar aren’t readily distinguishable (at least to my bleary eyes). Without that, what’s the fucking point??


  5. i think you need new glasses or laser surgery. cause i see different colors no problem (it’s the laser surgery) i like the layout for sure.


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