Posted by: Andy | September 17, 2007

Godspeed RJ

What a sad year for books & me, two of my favorite authors have passed away. First Robert Anton Wilson, and now Robert Jordan. I’d link to his website, but it’s totally slashdotted/destroyed right now and you wouldn’t get in. Well, it should be up later, so, when it’s later, check here.

Man, and he was “almost” done with the 12th and final book too….at least his wife & best friend know how it ends I guess, and he was a good portion though it. I know they’ll have someone else finish it but, honestly, I’d rather them just publish his notes. The fiasco that is/was the Dune prequels showed me how one writer just can’t sub for another. I’ve heard that it WILL be published…but man, I wonder in what stay?

Hope you’re peaceful out there RJ. Thanks for the stories.



  1. 😦 I’m sorry. What would kill me as a writer would be trying to write every possible note about the story until I died so that the world I’d created wasn’t going to just stop and become stagnant. That would suck so hard. Oh, Jenny lost Octavia Butler not long ago, too. I’m sorry. That’s why I only love Toni Morrison. Who is immortal.

  2. I’ve already said this to you but I wanted to say I’m sorry in blog form. It all sucks hard, indeed.

  3. i don’t know what to say. that sucks. hopefully they (his wife and friend) will do him justice and finish it right.


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