Posted by: Andy | September 23, 2007


OK, my two week average weight (weight every day for 2 weeks/14) has been 192.x, so I think it’s safe to say I weigh around 192lbs right now. Which means I lost 12-13 pounds since I started working on my weight in March. I wanted to start cutting off some of the “sympathy weight” (ok, ok it probably had nothing to do with that, my metabolism is just slowing down) I picked up while Jen was pregnant early, so by the time she had the baby I was looking better and such.

At first I tried the “wii workout” just for kicks. One, because it was getting a lot of blogmedia attention and two, because I figured it was BS. And after about a month of doing it much more rigorously than the guy who claimed to lose weight after doing it for a month (he claimed to be losing weight inside that month, not after, so that’s all I tested), and losing ZERO pounds, I can pretty much confirm that it was BS. However, after doing what any sane person would do (changing their diet a little and actually working out) for about a month, my 2 week average weight began to slowly go down. Note that there was NO change for about a month of doing this, then it started to move, and after that it moved pretty steadily – as long as you are looking at averages. Some days are always going to be high (maybe you really needed to shit) and others freakishly low (no lunch, salad dinner?).

I also shaved off about 2% body fat, but I suspect that our scale doesn’t really accurately measure that anyway. Although maybe I do have 28% body fat, who knows. I think this is technically considered “obese” though (if you look on those little charts in a doctor’s office…) which tells me that part of this countries obsession with weight is blown way out of proportion, because in no way am I unhealthily overweight. I suspect the “target” weight these people are talking about involves people like that bitch who played Ally McBeal for a while (before going back to her day job as a lockpick). Skinny can be unhealthy too crazy bitches…

I was going to post a graph of the weight thing, but man is Excel un-intuitive when it comes to graphing. Anyway, so I haven’t been working out for…about 2 months now (I lost 2 pounds after I stopped working out, probably the muscle I’d built up draining a way *snifflelaugh*) and I’m still in that 192 region, so I’m happy.



  1. nice. we’ll be happy to see your skinny ass soon.


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