Posted by: Andy | September 24, 2007

The 4400 season finale

was about 4x better than the Heroes one.

I admit, this series started off slow, and it was hard for me to even watch the first 2 seasons, but the third picked up a little, and this season (the 4th) has been pretty good all around. Not to mention the characters are at least a weeeee bit brighter than the dumbasses in heroes who can’t even use their powers in the most obvious and trivial ways (such as the HORRIBLE “battle” in the season finale) to thwart evil & whatnot.

I really do hope Tom takes the shot, it will be kind of stupid if he doesn’t, and both the leads are the only non-powered people at NTEC (sp?). I mean, I could actually see what they would be going for with that angle – them being the only non-powereds, working to help out people they can’t identify with or whatever, but meh, I want a little more cool factor. Plus, both of them getting powers has been prophesied/foretold at least once (although I’m not sure how that is going to work out with Diana’s little “immunity” now…) so I hope they at least get Tom out of the way now.

[edit: god this is really annoying, I keep writing these things then “saving” them instead of “publishing” them and wondering why nothing shows up.  Man I have been out of it lately!]

[edit2: I just found out the series hasn’t been for sure renewed yet.  Crazy world – let a series run long enough to build up some good plot steam, a following, then kill it!]



  1. i’m not reading this, in case you give a spoiler. just know that i’m checking the blog, just not reading it. cause i want to watch it. kay?

  2. I had no idea you guys watched that. I tried a season or so ago. I think USA has awesome pitches, just don’t so much enjoy the actual execution. I do however think 4400 has gotten exponentially better.

  3. Yeah, we watch Psyche too. Some of their other shows look more interesting than basic cable shows, but still nowhere near interesting enough to find time to watch.

    This season of 4400 was a lot better than the previous one, which I liked much better than the one before that. I guess there is something to be said for growing a show organically, which they definitely did, but at the same time I just couldn’t sit through the old stuff.

    I wonder if heroes will be the same way – frequently now it’s painfully slow…maybe it will pick up by next season.

  4. I did watch Psych last night (since USA could only find it in their hearts to play four episodes of SVU); it was of course freaking hilarious (maybe because Tim Curry was spoofing Simon Cowell) – I remember watching the first few episodes though and thinking, the white guy’s gonna get annoying. But, if last night’s episode’s any indication, I guess not. Still funny.

  5. He does get really annoying…it’s like..shit it totally reminds me of this other show where it’s like..why does everyone put up with this fucking moron? Except he’s not like, NBC bad (the boss on the office, the entire cast of Friends, etc.) or something. So, I can deal with it most of the time :).

  6. Dude. I totally love Steve Carrell or whatever… and what I’ve seen of that show IS hilarious. But once we started watching Ricky Jervais’ The Office…. I just can’t betray the British Office. Talk about painful?!? You have no idea.


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