Posted by: Andy | October 7, 2007

Book brief: The Traveler

Wow, 2 books in one month? Crazy you say? Yes, yes it is. I picked this one up in a fit of desperation because it sounded moderately interesting. Evidently it was super hyped when it came out, but I got to miss all that drama because I tend to avoid hype-interfaces. Awesome!

Comparisons abound to Dan Brown’s books and to them I say “WTF are you smoking? You are literate, right?” The only thing they have in common, outside of the fact that they are both books, and thus both inherently have things like an introduction, plot, tension, etc. is that they both take alternate spins on history, and on religion in particular. That’s it. OK, there’s some conspiracies too, but those are perrrrrrty damn common in books (and in life!) already without having to riff on the DaVinci Horrible Movie.

The plot’s a new twist on 1984..basically it’s 1984 meets the Matrix so far. And that’s not a bad thing. I enjoyed reading it so, that’s really all there is to it. (I enjoyed DVC & Angels and Demons too…but those were much “lighter”/”cookie cutter” than this book). I won’t spoil any of the plot points – only one of them is a surprise anyway. Even bearing that in mind – who needs to be surprised all the time? If you enjoy the ride, it shouldn’t matter if you accidentally hit your head on that unexpected overhang or not should it?

So yeah, if 1984+Matrix sounds like a good thing to you, pick it up.



  1. I’m gonna write a book with the nom de plume of Bird Three Dogs.
    But seriously, I’m going to try to read that book. It might take a while, depending on how much free time I have and if I’m not holding a 15 pound baby. 🙂

  2. That must be taken into account. I actually read a bit of it last Friday while holding him. It took me at least a week, if not two to read it. It’s pretty “light” as things go. Not as light as the Dan Brown stuff of course.


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