Posted by: Andy | October 10, 2007

Heroes season 2, 3 episodes in

I really don’t know why I like this show. The writing is some of the worst I’ve seen, or at the very least, the worst I’ll subject myself to sitting through. I think I must like the overall story behind it all, because the individual characters are often fucking retarded. Recent moments:

1. Peter didn’t just take the box from the guy when he first showed it to him. Sure, his powers only rear up when he “needs” them to…but if I was him I’d sure “need” that fucking box.

2. The tattoo took that long to heal. Yeah, right. Don’t ask me why but I do like that the Irish are related to whole symbol secret organization thing. Or at least it looks that way…

3. Claire cut her toe off in the living room, with the window open.

4. Flyboy never saw her dad, with all the time he spent outside her window.

5. Claire would be surprised her dad did bad stuff in the past. Duh, he already told you that.

6. Claire would suddenly somehow be valuing this jackass Dashboard Confessional (whatever, emo wannabe, whatever. He’s not 1/5 as bad as the new boyfriend on Eureka though. VOMIT IN OWN FACE.) wannabes opinion over her dad’s, who has risked this much for her (not that I agree with his position at all, I’d be trying to find a way to use my powers too).

7. No one ever noticed the writing on the bottom of the sword before. Mmmm kay. “Open” is pretty direct if you ask me. But that one at least you could explain with some creative time travel bs.

8.  Oh, and Sylar’s not dead.  No I don’t “love to hate him” (as the ad copy says), I just hate him.  He’s fucking annoying.  He’s just greedy, that’s all there is to it.   He was fine for one season but man…don’t drag that shit out.

And more, those are just off the top of my head in the moments between my son needing attention ;).

But still I watch it, and somehow enjoy it. Well, at least this season Maya helps. Dania Ramirez happens to be looking fucking HOT in the show. Probably because every time we see her she’s fucking SWEATY. OK…well it is Mexico/Central America I guess. But still, just excuse to make her look hotter. Which, I guess I shouldn’t complain about right? Sure, her story is incredibly tedious so far – she’s that old and she still hasn’t figured out some kind of control over her power? The fact that it goes off every time she gets separated from her brother isn’t a clue? And I do fast forward through much of it. But when I’m not fast forwarding;damn;is;she;nice;scenery. None of the images I could find on Google looked as good as she does in the show. So just watch one of the first 3 eps.

What else…not much. Jeff Loeb wrote possibly the worst Wolverine story EVER (descended from dog people? wow, what brilliance), and he’s some kind of writer/producer for Heroes, and everyone thinks he’s brilliant, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.



  1. So speaking of retarded shows that people inexplicably watch. I missed Lincoln Hei*throws up*, ‘xcuse me, Lincoln Heights this week.

  2. I don’t get why Heroes is so popular. The writing is lame and the characters irritating. It focuses WAY too much on Claire and Peter and has already killed off 2/3 of the black characters. Big surprise there! BTW, when are they going to introduce Dana Owens? I can old watch so much more of this 😛

  3. “I don’t get why Heroes is so popular.” – Let’s try and remember that individuals are smart. PEOPLE….are idiots. Which I guess just means that there are actually few intelligent people in any given population. Case in point. CSI.

  4. Eh, I like the super-power-y stuff. There’s really not much in that genre on TV. Yet.

    Nice little CSI plug there Bethany.

    I don’t get why reality tv shit is so popular, I mean, really you could just sit out on your porch with a beer in whitetrashville and watch that shit for free.

    Oh, right, people are stupid.

  5. CSI is the lesbian brother of retarded pygmy doplar radar. Sorry. Yeah, but reality tv should have taught celebrities an important lesson: we will watch anyone . We are all peeping toms. End lesson.

  6. You know..we actually watch an ep of SVU the other night..because with hundreds of channels + ondemand, there was literally nothing on. Awesomeness!

    It wasn’t too bad…until you get to the end and they completely abandon a plot thread or two (it was the one where old man faced lady was undercover with some environmental people). She’s all like “These are my peeps, yo!” then she just leaves them in the end without so much as a goodbye or “Fuck ya’ll my real name is really ugly!”

  7. Firstly, SVU is the best show on television (excluding tonight’s new episode…and the one before it…okay the season isn’t starting out too well) – and that episode leads into a storyline. If you’re talking about the one where she ends up getting killed because she’d actually not undercover anymore, she’s really an environmental extremist. But don’t EVER segue from CSI directly into SVU without some sort of buffer. Respecto.

  8. I didn’t even finish this post because it was like reading my own thoughts–and that’s boring. I actually forgot to watch Heroes this week…. and surprise, surprise I don’t regret it. I just wish someone would ask a real comic book writer to create a series.

  9. Holy shit Andy read my blog…and posted a reply! That’s like…like…something to do with hell and that creepy ice cream truck that trolls poor neighborhoods.

    They actually do have a “real” cmic writer on staff, I think it’s one of the main producter/writers or something…Jeph Loeb.

    He wrote Superman/Batman & some other junk for DC. Wrote a Wolverine arc that was so insanely stupid I stab myself metaphorically every time I think about it, and he’s also writing Ultimates 3 with *gaps* Joe Madureira (the Battle Chasers guy).

    Everyone at Marvel that I’ve seen comments from falls over themselves to love him. But…yeah that Wolverine arc was so dumb …so…so dumb.


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