Posted by: Andy | October 20, 2007

I don’t link to Slate that often..

Saw this while I was waiting for an appointment with some cooked pork. Please read the linked article below:

wiki page here.

Note that this was an “executive order” / “presidential directive”. It is issued with the advice & consent of his “national security council”, which are just cabinet members (members of the executive branch), not necessarily congressmen, etc.

Congress can overrule it by passing some kind of law I guess.

I’m not saying the prez is planning a coup, but, like the author, I think that is one dangerous decree to let ride.



  1. That’s pretty interesting. WHich reminds me that I must call you.

  2. Yes, you should. Not now though, because I wouldn’t answer.

    PS. Blackwater is scary too.


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