Posted by: Andy | November 5, 2007

The Pull Box

Sooo….I write comic commentary from time to time, but I figured I might as well split it off into its own blog, just because I can. So, that’s what the Pull Box feed on the sidebar is for. I’ll probably only updated every few weeks, when I go pick up my new comics. I’m also hoping some random readers trolling for comics commentary will stumble across it and maybe exchange in some comicgeekspeak with me. According to Augie De Blieck over at CBR Evidently there’s a dearth of regular comic blogs:

I read Johnny Bacardi’s farewell to the blogosphere last week with more than a little bit of agreement. Much of what he says in it is true regarding the comics blogosphere. There’s a definite echo chamber in effect, but that’s natural. You see it in message boards all the time. You probably saw it in the pre-blogosphere days when columnists/reviewers were king.

But it does leave a big opening out there for someone to fill. Maybe I’m missing it, but where are the longer-form reviewers today? Where are the “average fanboys and fangirls” who write weekly reviews? I see plenty of people writing about how ugly superhero comics have become, or how horrible their creators are for various crimes against humanity. Heck, I engage in that here from time to time. But where are the reviewers? Where do I go to read what someone thought of this week’s NEW AVENGERS or ACTION COMICS? So many blogs are filled with bite-sized pieces, hit-and-run one-line reviews, and snark that it’s tough to find the diamonds in the rough. I went looking last week and couldn’t find much. Maybe I’ve been enjoying the industry analyses to much, myself, but it dawns on me that the reviewers are gone. Bacardi was one of the few who did weekly recaps on the books he read. They might have been short, but they were there.

Right now, it’s only the gang at that I can think of as being the kind of bloggers I’m looking for. There’s a healthy dose of unique reviews going on over there, even when the opinions do start bouncing off the echo chamber. Enough of them don’t. Enough come from distinct points of view that they’re interesting to me.

So tell me — what independent blogger is reviewing what we used to refer to as “the mainstream” comics on a regular basis with any sort of detail?

I doubt mine will be scrutinous (yes, I just made that word up) enough to meet his standards, but it’s the thought the counts!  My memory isn’t often useful enough for me to be “detailed” about comics reviews – hell I followed comics for years before I started learning writers’ names – and that was probably only after I started learning artists’ names due to that whole Image artist-as-writer BS.  But I’ll try.  Mostly I’m just going to ramble about whatever the current crop of comics causes me to ramble about.  Maybe I’ll even slip into the comic blogosphere subweb on accident, I doubt it thought; I’ve never been very good at being active enough for an online community.

So that’s what that’s about. Carry on.



  1. I’m leaving a note. I read the blog but… I didn’t pay close attention. But I was that kid in class who loved participation too much and still engaged in the socratic seminar regardless of whether I’d read or not. I mean, I was really into school so the not reading only happened like twice. But I distinctly remember the teacher addressing people commenting who “Clearly hadn’t done the reading” the next day before seminar. I wondered if anyone knew he meant me. Hahaha. I was so optimistic back then. Le sigh. I also have this thing where I make things about me.

  2. No worries, comics commentary is not for everyone. In fact, it may not be for anyone who “normally” reads my blog; hence the move to fork those threads off.

    I appreciate your willingness to comment on the possibility of engaging the source material though. Please consider directing condescending gazes at others less willing to feign mock interest.

  3. Condescending gazes. Check. Gorilla feces to fling. Check.

    Did you catch Darkplace on Adult Swim? Josh and I were dying.

  4. I haven’t had much time for tv, just what we dvr. What’s the deal w/ it?

  5. I don’t know what to believe about it: it’s british, it’s supposedly from the late nineties and wasn’t allowed on tv (which is hard to believe having watched british tv) but it basically looks like it was done in the early 80s and everyone speaks and acts like it’s a translated anime come to life. It’s pretty genius in my book.

  6. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  7. Agree with who Idetrorce? I’m guessing Bethany, because I don’t think I made any statements that are disagreement provoking.


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