Posted by: Andy | November 16, 2007

California day 1 & 2

So, the flight went well, Zain was pretty angelic, laying across mommy’s lap. There was a screamy baby up a few steps, and we felt bad for the mother and all the dirty looks folks were shooting her.

So, first stop is obviously In and Out, because someone is insane and has never opened one in Oregon. Tasty of course.

Eventually we happened upon 2 points of interest in Sacramento:

1) The least “jamba” Jamba Juice in the world – it was in the K St. Mall. Those lazy bitches didn’t even say (you guessed it!) “Jamba!” when we ordered. I went back again the next day, and was also greeted by a lack of Jamba spirit. You know, it’s funny, it actually annoys me when they shout that, but still – it’s company policy, so I’m just disheartened by their lack of corporate spirit! Schmuck it up!!

2) We ate at a HORRIBLE restaurant. Well, the service was good, and it wasn’t the servers’ fault, so we tipped them normally. The fries were also good but, yeah, everything else was really bad. 3 Monkeys near that same K Street mall….don’t eat the chicken or the hot wings at least.

Oh and we visited family in there too, good times :).

Z has been getting pretty upset in the car though, we are crossing our fingers for the long drives to come…the trip from Paso to Sac has the potential to be nerve wracking.

Tomorrow onward to Santa Cruz!


  1. Why do people go to downtown Sac without partaking in Sandra Dee’s?? Me and Josh’s fav Louisiana soul food place (meaning, they don’t serve yams). Oh or The Plantation where Dad took us once and we had the thickest, richest Sweet Potato Pie you’ve ever seen, read or heard about. Lawd. … This makes it sound like Sac is THE place for soul food. I actually don’t ever go but now that I’ve left, I miss my Sandra Dee’s!!!

  2. Oh and how come I’ve never heard them say “Jamba!”?? Oh wait, maybe the opening day of the one on Mission in Santa Cruz. Huh. I thought he was being an idiot.

  3. They say it in Oregon every time you buy something, it’s like what they use for letting people know that something was just purchased and to get ready to bust some juice makin’ ass!

  4. Yeah. So, I guess you never got past Sacramento? Is that what we’re to assume? What, do you think we’re idiots?!?

  5. No time to post yet woman!



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