Posted by: Andy | November 25, 2007

California – the rest

After thaaaaat we headed down to central Cali to visit my not so scattered family.  We stayed with my dad for a day, then my mom for 2, then back to my dad’s place.  Both of the bedding situations were a little sketchy, both of them coincidentally having those beds that are like one twin bed stowed under another.  There isn’t much room to maneuver in the one at my dad’s, so poor Jen cut her foot trying to get up and go to the bathroom at night.  So yeah, some nights of tricky sleep, and trying to get Z comfortable; I think the 5 different bedding situations in that time period kind of bothered him.  But what do I know.

Z definitely seems to have grown, even in that one week.  It’s crazy.  Last night he rolled from his tummy to his back for the first time – still only one direction, but he was rolling onto his stomach and then back a few times.  And his verbal skills seem to have noticeably increased as well.  And his hand/eye coordination and desire to grab things.  He yanked his binky out of my mouth and managed to get most of it into his, that was pretty cute.

Oh, back to Cali.  We had a good time visiting everyone, although two of my grandparents managed to horribly embarrass me by not even making the time to meet their great-grandchild.   Awesome.  And we’re still figuring out how to do this whole multi-multi-step family thing (my mom’s recent marriage brought in another “grandparent”), with some bumps along the way.  Who knows where it will wind up, it’s a learning curve!

We also got a chance to visit Peter & Mary and their brood…man are those some cute kids!  Parents are not half bad either.  We checked out their groovy cabin in the woods.  Well, not quite, but they have some sweet property with lots of trees to climb that would be any kids dream.  Made me miss the creekland where I grew up, and REALLY hope we can afford to be near something like that for our French-squad once it kicks into high gear.

Then back up the long road to Sac – Z was pretty good, only getting really fussy and needing to be stopped and fed twice.  All in all he was an excellent baby for the entire week, we are very lucky.  I sure hope then next mini-french isn’t a terror….*knock on wood*  Of course everyone loved Z to death, as how could you not?

Much good food was eaten, we got our yearly dose of my mom’s yams *mmmm* & home-made applesauce, as well as some really tasty ham, some decent turkey, and lots of crazy good snacks & desserts via my dad & step-mom’s family. Mmmm pies and rolls. Mmm mmm.

Still, glad the whole thing is over and done with and we are back home.  I never though I’d be happy to see Vancouver, ok I’m not really happy, more like relieved sort of.   Jen made a comment that we need a vacation from our vacation.  Hmmm.

Oh, and it was FREEZING in our house when we got back.  It took like 3-4 hours to warm up with all the heaters on. I had my jacket on almost until  bedtime and we got home at like 11.



  1. Were they the grandparents Jenny was considered about anyway? Cause, you know. Blessings in disguise and all.


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