Posted by: Andy | November 28, 2007

That Chinese sub story

How is the media NOT all over this?
They love trying to scare people. This is a “real” clue about a possible threat, much more “real” than a lot of the stupid terrorist BS they are always trying to get us with.

I keep stopping people in the office, and asking them if they’ve seen anything about this story on the “normal” news (since I don’t watch TV news), and so far everyone has said “No.” It’s been over 2 weeks. WTF?

Oh what’s that you say? You haven’t heard the story either? I guess I should provide some links then.

It’s definitely getting some circulation on the blogosphere, but that’s normal. This seems like something mainstream media should really be humping.

Why? Because now they have better tech than us. And China is definitely a human rights violator, among other things. I smell Cold War II. The weird thing is that the government LOVES a good cold war – it’s much cheaper than a real war, you don’t get the bad press for soldiers dying, and you STILL get to clamp down on civil liberties.

So this story should be every politicians dream right? So W T F. Maybe it has been covered, but it’s the kind of thing I would have expected them to harp on so much that any random civvie I pass in the street should know about it. Maybe it’s because we owe China so much money…



  1. First things first, did you see the other stories alongside this one in the daily? Yeah. I love how indiscriminately the UK papers post gossip and “real” news. I’m surprised they weren’t sharing the banner headline. Secondly, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that the Daily didn’t just make it up like the rest of the tabloid trash they publsih. Thirdly, maybe we haven’t heard about it yet because we haven’t retaliated yet. They’re supposed to just get on the news and be like, “and boy were our faces red!”?? Not likely. Two months from now, when we’ve bombed them several times and gotten our anticipated cry of “Uncle”, it’ll be all over MSNBC, finally taking the place of that new Peterson cop who kills his wives. Enjoy.

  2. I have often wondered about the bizarre stories placed side by side in British papers.

    I don’t think this one was made up though, as it was covered elsewhere (albeit spottily), that was just the first search result I got.

    And we’re not going to bomb China, I’d bet money on that. They can cause more damage to us financially than we could to them short of nuking, which of course we wouldn’t do (and besides they’d nuke us back and it would be MAD all over again…like I said, hello cold war II! I suspect we’re in the midst of it already).

  3. I just read an article about a Texas family who moved to China to help abandoned kids and have been there for seven years. Don’t think they’re coming back. I just hate when tensions affect people trying to make their lives in other countries.

  4. HMm, you can still get out of there now I think. The way these things pan out it could be years before tensions really kick in.

    And who knows, maybe the next pres will somehow magically pay off our debt to China, then get some juevos.

  5. No, they’re not planning on leaving. As in that’s their home. Lol.


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