Posted by: Andy | December 5, 2007

Heroes mid-season/season(?) finale

Depending on the writer’s strike of course.

All in all, a decent episode.

  • What’s her name the whiny schizo finally died (?), although I feel bad for Micah. Hopefully he doesn’t get all “both my parents died being heroes so I’d better not try it anymore” kind of stupid.
  • Another horrible, horrible, horrible case of powers logic to rival last season’s finale’s complete lack of intelligence about power usage. Hint: PETER CAN WALK THROUGH MOTHERFUCKING WALLS.
  • Poor Nathan. Really, that guy gets all the shaft. After all that happened to him and that he recovered from, now this? I actually feel bad for him.
  • How did Hiro do what he did? Really. Did he teleport Adam somewhere else first, sedate him, then freeze time at a funeral and swap the bodies? Teleport both of them inside the casket then teleport out? Neither of those is a good answer. Stupid.
  • Ahh, Sylar. Dumb fuck. He should have stayed dead. I really don’t care about him. Go away.
  • Ahh, Maya. Maybe now you can stop being so stupid and blind and focus on being hot. Not that it takes much focus.
  • Ok, so Peter changed the future again – where does that leave his girlfriend? Mmm, gone, logically. Or chronally re-shifted or something? Like time would shift but she would stay because she was already out of sync? Either way, he should have had Hiro stop time and take him into the future and get her before changing it. Just to be safe.
  • Parkman – sucks to have your own powers turned on you doesn’t it? They need to limit Peter’s powers in some non-stupid way. Like say, he can only be half as strong as the original user or something. Then he needs to smash Sylar’s head with an old smoke-stained jukebox.
  • My God Mohinder, could you be any fucking stupider?  No, I don’t think you could.  They just have just called this arc Mohinder gets punked instead of…whatever it was called, I forget.

I know I sound negative, but I still enjoy the show, I just always sound negative.  An unfortunate side effect of my sunny disposition I guess.

I wonder if they’re ever going to reveal mama Petrelli or any of the other 1st gen-ers powers.   I think from the comic that Peter’s dad didn’t actually have any?? Or at least he didn’t when he met Linderman.  So maybe the mom doesn’t either?  That wouldn’t really fit with the whole Company plot at all though.

So, hopefully there will be another half-season this year, but I sort of doubt it.



  1. Well, since no one else is gonna comment, I’ll just reitterate how I don’t watch this show. 😀

  2. People are indeed entirely too quiet and loud at exactly the wrong times.

    Of course, there really aren’t many people reading this, I just like to hear myself type ;).

  3. Who knew I would begin stalking my brother and sister’s blogs. Along with their friend, Meg. Haha. And now I search for interesting Fulbrighter blogs.

  4. Psst, move your blog off myspace, gawd I hate myspace blogs, not handy at all!

  5. What’s unhandy about it? All I need is to type and post. So until my long-anticipated (HAH!) and theme-inspired jump to wordpress, it’s conveniently located where all my friends already are. Although I’m wondering how I can archive it forever to my journal on my external hard drive… not looking forward to it since I have hundreds of posts and comments.

  6. Copy and paste one at a time. Unless someone writes an export app…

    I c&p’d all mine into word, then pasted into individual posts in the last app we used.

    Luckily I was just able to export/import that into wordpress.

  7. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..someday.


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