Posted by: Andy | December 15, 2007

What’s on my “to read” stack?

You ask?

OK, you didn’t, but for all intents and purposes that really doesn’t matter.

Note that you can almost always tell what I’m currently reading, and what I just read, in the “Recent Reading” sidebar, which links to the two most recent entries into my Librarything library.

But, what if you want to know what I’m going to read NEXT? For some strange reason, you know, because people wonder stuff. Well, here’s what’s on my stack:


Color and Money

My current lunch-reading project. I’m about halfway through it. Pretty interesting, if dry, stuff about colleges and how they determine their enrollment, what role affirmative action plays, and what other factors (hint: money) play into acceptance.

Shyness: How Normal Behavior became a Sickness

It looked interesting, and I’ve always thought it was funny how many things are medicated these days, not to mention how lazy educators are when it comes to dumping the blame on modern “illnesses”. I speak from experience in some ways, watching my brother go through the system with “ADD”. Also, now that I’m a parent I’m pretty concerned about the various dumbass boxes people may try and lump my child into.


Impulse buy on the rack at Powell’s. I read the blurb on the back and it sounded interesting. Amusingly, I happened to get an autographed version, so the author must have been through recently and thaaaaaaat’s why it was out on the display rack.


I found out that the author of this book, Brandon Sanderson, had been chosen by Robert Jordan’s wife (and editor – same person) to finish the Wheel of Time series from Robert’s notes. That in itself was intriguing, especially it being someone I had never heard of before…so I’m curious how well he writes on his own. The series seems to have gotten good reviews, but I tried to avoid reading them too deeply lest it fuck with my perception. I rarely read reviews of fiction titles before I read them – the complete opposite of my behavior for non-fiction.

There, I hope you enjoy the feeling of curiosity satiated. Maybe later I’ll draw you a picture of my bowel movements, just in case you’re REALLLLLY curious (and need mental help).



  1. Good to know. I have no idea why I care but have you ever read Ender’s Game and Speaker something something the Dead? Josh claims Ender’s Game is the best book ever written. By that guy, I assume.

  2. But of course, what sci-fi fan has not? Orson Scott Card? They are sitting on my bookshelf somewhere.
    I think my favorite of the original series (no desire to read the newer ones) was Xenocide – I think was 3rd, right after Speaker.

    Psst if you click on the ‘Recent Reading’ link it will show you my entire current library. Very cool app too if you ever want to inventory your stash.

  3. Yeah, I read the foreword and now want to read Speaker but Josh had a fit about how I had to read Ender Game first. Despite the author siding with me. Whatever.

  4. Yes, you should read them in order. Tell Josh I approve.

    Then again, maybe you’re like Jen where she can read things out of order, or know the ending and be ok. But me I hate that stuff :).

  5. No, Jen used to actually read the end of the book early because she didn’t like suspense. I just had the impression that Speaker was an entirely different story and era just involving the same character.

  6. I’ve read all the Ender’s Game series, and I am proud to say that I introduced my andy to them…so that’s points for me.

    also I want to read Shyness, when you’re done, if it’s good. let me know.

  7. Yeah I don’t recall Andy being much of a sci-fi reader…except the stainless steel rat stuff…or was that peter?

    will let ya know. i think one of the light reading books is next.

  8. he read them all in the series and now he reads a bunch of sci-fi stuff, i don’t know about the stainless steel rat, doesn’t ring a bell or anything.


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