Posted by: Andy | January 9, 2008

random election (NH primary) factoids

I haven’t seen this compiled together anywhere yet, and had to actually dig around and find it myself (I’m sure I just didn’t look hard enough though…everything is out there):

Voter turn out in NH primary: 50%

According to

* New Hampshire population was 1,314,895 in 200, 77.4% over 18 (1,017,728).

According to the nytimes:

* 280,000 voted in dem primaries, 230,000 in repub.

So NH primary voters were 54% dem/46% repub.

I have seen some people making a big deal about this, as a noticeable shift from 50-50 & 52-48. But, the 50-50 & 52-48 #s are for the country as a whole. I don’t think NH primary results are in any way indicative of how the country-wide election results will be.
2004 NH primary info (from wiki1 and wiki2)

  • 219,787 dems, 67,833 repubs !?!Wow seriously. Man, they were so sick of being repubs after those first 4 bush years that they took a nap eh? 😉 Or maybe they just knew they had it in the bag….
  • 76% dem / 24% repub
  • primary turnout: 29.5%
  • election turnout : 676760/69.6%

2000 NH primary info :

  • 154,639 dems,236,802 repubs
  • 39.5% dem, 60.5% repub
  • primary turnout: 42.2%
  • election turnout: 545334/58.9%


See, those #s are why I think the 54/46 thing doesn’t mean shit, in general. 76-24 & 40-60 certainly didn’t represent the country as a whole in either of the previous elections. Not that two data points are enough to draw any real statistics from – but I’m just some jackass blogger, I can make whatever observations I want without being held to rigorous scientific standards. But, what reader would be silly enough to think otherwise….?

PS: The media really stepped on its own nuts with that primary coverage, touting Hillary’s camp as “falling apart” and other bits of BS didn’t they?

OK, that’s enough politics from me for a few days at least. Not that I took any stands about anything ;).

I just like pointing and yelling and waving my hands like an idiot for no real reason. Hey, a major media outlet should hire me!



  1. I hate feeling like I’m more strict with Black politicians/artists/etc. I can’t just vote for them because they’re Black and I don’t think guilty liberals should either – it’s just a stupid way to make decisions. But I went to his website and read his speeches for several hours last night and I think he’s a good man. Too bad he doesn’t have the strength of his convictions. We need our faith but we shouldn’t make laws against what we feel is wrong? It wouldn’t be a disaster but I’m not voting for him. Le sigh.

  2. Oh. And you have a twin again. 🙂

  3. You’re such a baby. I’m responding to your text message on your blog. Because I don’t wanna accidentally send you another one. Of your broseph’s new buzzcut. Which I love.

  4. Re: messages

    I don’t mind getting texts, but my phone literally doesn’t accept SMS messages properly. I have to click on a link to open it in a web browser, which then cuts out 5-10 characters at the end of the link, so I have to hit “stop” mid load, then re-open the text, and find those missing characters then type them at the end of the link.

    So, it’s mostly just incredibly annoying. It’s not like on a normal phone where the message/picture just shows up – it gets turned into an improperly formatted email.

    OH, and I couldn’t tell that was Josh from the pic…it just looked like a weird chin with earrings. I kind of thought it might have been Josh’s brother.

    I’ve got a goatee/little beard thing going right now.

    re: Obama

    I didn’t even bring him up!
    I haven’t read all his speeches and all that, but from what I’ve seen I definitely prefer him to Hillary, and probably Edwards as well, both of whom I prefer to any Republican, except maybe Ron Paul, who is probably a little bit crazy, just because he started his own cult ;).

    I took the candidate pairing quiz here:

    Which supposedly matches your views and strength of views against all the candidates documented views and such….

    it said I aligned 92% with Dennis Kucinich, who just looks a little bit crazy to me. Is that real hair??

    Anyway, what does it say for you? I guess I should split that off into a separate blog, to make myself look more productive, but fuck that.

  5. I’m sending you a multimedia text of my facial expression.
    I know you didn’t bring Obama up – I was going with the political thing. I’m pretty antipartisan as far as introducing myself as one or the other, but I thought I might actually vote Democratic again (I voted for Kucinich in the primary last time) but not after seeing Obama’s stance on my two big issues. I’m looking into Huckabee and your calculator just told me Hillary was my top? Um, I don’t see that with my responses but….yeah.


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