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01/19/07 – 50% off sale at Excalibur

Cable & Deadpool 49

I used such a large image because not only is it another cool Skottie Young cover, but it’s the penultimate issue. Da da duh. You sure wouldn’t know it from the issue though, it’s business as usual in Deadpool Team-Up!

It was a pretty enjoyable arc all-around, and happened to feature a character I was wondering about lately – Lorelei. Talk about very little panel time – she rarely if ever shows up. Which is fine, because she seems utterly one trick and completely lacking in character – I don’t think she said a single word in either of the appearances I have seen her in (Defenders v1 15 & this ish). Why was I wondering about said throwaway character you ask? Because I just recently read Defenders 15 (see previous post) and thought “Huh, I’ve never seen that lady before.”

It’s DP & Bob & Penetraitor & Kazar vs. the ever-ready-for-a-beating Savage Land Mutates, or some of them at least. They took a beating. And possibly died when Deadpool shot their ride.

Good clean fun, but I guess, I won’t really miss the title – especially without Cable. DP alone can rarely pull my $2.99 for long. I will miss Fabian on an X or Avengers book though.

New Exiles 01

I haven’t found a cover image for this yet, which is a shame because it’s an interesting cover. In a good way. The issue itself is pretty likeable too. If you dig Claremont, you’ll dig this. If you were an old Exiles fan, I’d say it’s up in the air, because CC’s style is so different from the previous writers. Luckily I like both. I’m going to miss Blink & Nocturne & Warpath like a bitch though! Marvel has got some stupid restriction on him where he can only use characters he created (??) for team members. Talk about strange. Maybe protecting future movie properties from “damage”? Whatever.

In addition to lots and lots of text, NE 1 includes another old Claremont staple – the team building outdoor sports game! Usually he goes with baseball, I think I remember at least one basketball game, but I think it’s mainly baseball. This time around theres a few twists though – it’s not so much a team building exercise as it is a spotlight on the fact that these guys are not a team. At least not yet. This Kitty Pryde is petulant and petty, much more “Sprite”-like if you will. Sage is no longer the paragon of self control. Morph and Sabretooth are somehow at odds. This Rogue seems like a crazy bitch who throws in occasional Japanese words. And the male “Mystiq” – no freaking clue what his deal is. I’m guessing it hearkens back to CC’s original dangling plot thread which had Destiny & Mystique as a couple, and Mystique possibly being someone’s father (??), I forget who. Anyway, he’s a blank slate for now, assuming it’s even a he.

The issue leaves us with lots of questions – hopefully all intentional:

  • Why is Cat such a bitch?
  • Why is Rogue such a bitch?
  • Why is Morph bitching at Sabretooth?
  • Do we really need a love triangle (Sabretooth-Psylocke-Mystiq – although that has some interesting potential, given the 3rd party may not be bound by gender 😛 ) and a couple (Cat & Morph) right off the bat? I’d prefer to only have one to start off, or have both on slow burn, but here they are, in full bloom as it were.
  • Can Psylocke fly now? Or was she just gliding on air currents. I suppose she is telekinetic again (right?) so flying is completely on the table, I just can’t recall her flying with it in quite a while (did she maybe in CC’s X-Men reboot that originally gave her the TK?).
  • Does Mystiq have any powers other than Psylocke seduction?
  • Could Sabretooth look any more retarded on the cover (the variant I got at least)?
  • Will anyone else bitch about something, become a bitch, or receive a richly deserved bitch slap?

Anyway, off to a promising start. Let’s rock.
New Warriors v4 08

I need to re-read the old volumes, because I cannot remember who the other guy on the cover is. Evidently he took Silhouette away from Thrasher, only to have her taken back? Or something? By his brother? I could just wiki it, but in this case I really don’t want to, I want to read it myself.

Anyway, onto the issue. Good stuff. There’s a very interesting dichotomy here in that most of the team doesn’t know where they are going and they even get semi-3rd wall and actually address the fact that they don’t know where they’re going, but at least know that this is the trip they want to be on. It’s more talking and less action than you get in most books, which works well in this case. I’m still annoyed that they color Angel so pale & changed her body shape so noticeably though. Whatever, I’m sure the next artist will change everyone up anyway. I’m thinking she’s going to be the next Monet of the variable-skin-shades. I liked her hair better curly too, but that’s just a preference of mine. Minor things to pick at really.

Oh yeah, back to my thread – Night Thrasher, unlike everyone else, seems to have a very direct plan at least. And I have no idea what it is! This is a good thing. It sounds like he really has some kind of idea about what to do about the registration act & Initiative. I’m sure it won’t matter, because the Secret Invasion will render that all moot, but it will be a fun ride until then.

We also get an interesting aside with Justice & Rage with loads of potential.

Wolverine Origins 21

This entire issue is a near-pointless comedy issue. At least pointless in the sense that Origins is supposed to be all about plot advancement, and there isn’t much (any?) here on the “main” plotline. Or even the periphery ones. This is just DP trying to kill Wolverine. Which doesn’t make much sense, because didn’t they team up not too long ago?? Would he really take out a hit on Wolverine in his current incarnation?

All that aside, the issue is actually fairly entertaining. But it should have been an issue in Wolverine, not in Origins. Origins is supposed to be an “all plot”, finite (~60 ish) series. I’m sure the arc itself will work its way back into the main plotline, but taken on its own it’s an annoying diversion. And I don’t have the patience to wait until an arc ends to write a review like The X-Axis usually does.

The cover is really well drawn.

New X-Men 46 (final issue)

We’re almost to the CompleX money shot! Err, bad visual, but you know what I mean.

SHIT BOILS in this issue. Boils like X hasn’t boiled in a book in a long time – probably because we haven’t had an x-verse crossover (well, a good one) in a long, long time.

Pretty much everything comes to a head, and yes, it is looking like Sinister is “actually” dead (for now). Been there before, so I know he’ll be back, but it was a nice way for him to go, I won’t spoil it other than to say it works perfectly with the story.

Lots of violence, Scott actually orders Wolverine to kill people…not sure what to think of this yet, we’ll just have to see where it goes. It could be the case of modernism killing the interest quotient of a book, or it might actually bring something to it (re: the new X-Force book), who can say yet. Oh, and X-23 guts Scrambler.

The one complaint I have about this issue – no Madrox & Layla! Yarrr!! But, he is knocked out, so I guess that makes sense…I suspect getting Layla back will be picked up afterwards in X-Factor anyway. I don’t think anyone from X-Factor said a word (Rahne doesn’t count because she’s in X-Force now :P) – Madrox is unconscious, Layla is gone, Richter is probably playing XBox or something since he’s night useless in a fight like this, Guido & Monet are in the background, and I lost track of Siryn.

I still think the Predator X bit is stupid in general, but it’s contribution to the plot is visible in this issue (it “gets” the X-Kids to the fight), and hopefully it will be put down like a bad horse next week.

X-Men 95,96,100,115,128

What? These are old you say? You would be correct! There’s a 50% off back issues sale at Excalibur today & this weekend, so I picked up some olllllld school schtuff.

Only 128 is in great condition, the rest are a little scraggly, but that doesn’t bother me much, I’m not planning on making a mint of them, I just want to get a whole X-Men run before I die! I’m only 25 shy of 94-current, so I’d say I’m not doing too bad.I picked up these for under $10 each – score! 95 was only $7.50. Hey, I’m sure it’s not “worth” much more than that, but these things are hard to find at affordable prices!

Hey, why is Storm in yellow underwear on 115 while everyone else is in gear? Guess I’ll have to read it and find out. I’ve already read 95,96 & 100 – man,

throwback central! They aren’t nearly as bad as the Defenders issues I commented on in the previous post, in fact they’re relatively painless to read, but some cheese is definitely visible. Especially in the way Warpath went out…I never read this issue in Classic X-Men, or I forgot, either way I thought he died because he was trying to save people, and he did sort of, but he also died because he was stupid – evidently Banshee could have just taken the plane out, but Warpath was a hardhead and wanted to do it himself. Oh well, I’ll just keep assuming in my happy little world that he wasn’t that dumb. It is interesting to note that I doubt an explosion like that would kill the current Warpath, the way his powers are written. And they are supposed to have the same powers.

Can’t wait until next week and the CompleX wrap up! I haven’t been this excited about an X-book in a long time. Nice job Marvel.


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