Posted by: Andy | January 28, 2008

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OK, so Z woke up at 5am this morning.  Which is not awesome. But he went to sleep at 8pm, so it makes sense (normally he’s like 10-730 with several interruptions).  Poor guy was sleeping extra restless, growth spurt we’re thinking?   So I’m feeding him now (555am), and noticed that the post I made last night never cleared.  Sweet!  They were doing one of their maintenance things and I forgot to refresh before I went to bed.  Nice!

That’s ok, I didn’t say much.

I was just mentioning that I’m about 3 years into (it started in 2002) reading through the entire run of (it’s an online comic strip), and that you should check it out, but make sure to start with the beginning, because it’s a character based strip, not necessarily punch-punch-line.  Yes, it can be pretty offensive…but that’s part of the charm!  Anyway, I think I’m up to mid-2004, and I know I’m going to be sad when I catch up.  I’ve been reading it for about a month now, give or take, and have become involved/invested in the characters lives.  I feel their pain yada yada. It’s an interesting experience.



  1. I think this experiment has run it’s course. You should probably send my son back to me now.

  2. Your words leave me looking for the words in between them.

  3. I’m all caught up now. So sad, now I have to wait like everyone else. Maybe I just won’t read it for a year, then do all the catch up.

  4. ….
    Give me my bellyfruit.


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