Posted by: Andy | February 1, 2008

Links! Not sausage.

Let’s get the politics crap out of the way first.

First off, random quote from a post on a news article I saw somewhere:

A week or so ago I heard Rush Limbaugh play a sound clip on his show in which Obama used the word, “intentionality.” Limbaugh went on to make fun of Obama for using a non-word in the way Rev. Jackson has sometimes been known to do.

Of course Rush was wrong. Intentionality is a word that was coined in the late 1800’s by a French philosopher.

I bring this up to demonstrate how close to the surface racism is in many people. Limbaugh assumed that a Obama, a Harvard-educated, U.S. Senator, black man couldn’t possibly know a word he, Rush, a white ex-shock jock without a high school diploma, didn’t know.

When you think about it, it is remarkable that Obama has managed to get as close to the nomination as he has so far.

Media mischaracterizes Obama’s speech patterns in order to make him look angrier. This should be a surprise to no one. The media normally rapes most anything a candidate says, but this year it seems exceptionally transparent, perhaps because the bloggers/netjournalists are out there to point out all their mistakes? Whatever the reason, the extra accountability is nice.

Some brief commentary on the Jan 22nd Democratic debates. Does a nice job of pointing out some factual errors the debaters made, as well as giving evidence to back up some of their claims.
Transcript of Obama’s “big” speech at Ebenezer baptist. Yes, people have accused him of making a political speech in church on the MLK weekend but, seriously folks, did you think you were going to invite a presidential candidate to ANYTHING and not have it made into a moment? That’s just silly. Billary #2 was falling asleep (not that I can blame him, anytime I have to “sit and listen” anymore I’m dead in the water) and Billary #1 let’s see, what can we find having to do with her and MLK, oh yeah, that stupid comment she made about LBJ having a more important role in the Civil Rights changes than MLK. Yeah. Because he totally would have done what he did without outside pressure. I’m not sure what she was doing for the actual holiday, but I’m sure wherever she turned up was also turned into a political moment.

Oh yeah, back to the speech. I really liked it. Well written. I still have to sit down and watch the video to see the delivery.

Some science bits:

Now, not everyone will be excited about this bit, but for those of us who have had colonoscopies (and will have to have them again, maybe even this month), the prospect of not having to piss out of your ass for a day and then have a very painful camera shoved up the aforementioned orifice is a Good Thing (TM).

Ok, this isn’t really science, but it’s still cool: 50 years of Lego time line. I can’t wait until Z is old enough to play with Legos, Duplos should be soon! I just found a bunch of my old (small) Legos at my Dad’s, so when he’s 6 or 7 he’ll have all those to play with too.

The guy who invented the super soaker has something to say about solar power too.

Turns out the gene for blue eyes is a relatively recent development – and they can all be traced to a common ancestor.

Random stuff:

A nice blog post I stumbled across on atheism and religion. He makes some points I agree with, one of which is that there is no need for atheists to be so attack-oriented vs. religious folks. There’s nothing to be gained here. Religion isn’t going away, and you can’t make it go away, so best learn to live with it. It plays a vital role in the lives of billions of people. Yes, it should be separate from science, but that’s a different issue.

Some really interesting pictures from turn of the century Russia.

It’s always sad when celebrities get more done than government. Dennis Leary is trying to get something done about the horrible state of firehouses in New Orleans. Good for him, someone needs to and he might as well use his celebrity for something. I do find it funny though how celebs often get involved with causes that parallel the roles they play (he’s a firefighter in his current show….). I’m really not sure what that means, just that they “think” they know how people in those roles feel maybe? Or maybe it just make it easier to pick a cause?

That wacky Tom Cruise scientology vid that’s circulating. I haven’t sat through the whole thing, but from what I’ve seen he gives of an insane vibe. Like, mental damage of some sort. Which may not be surprising given the allegations of hypnosis & brainwashing in Xenu land. I’m all for freedom of religion, but if your religion is a silly, obvious pyramid scheme, don’t expect me not to mock you. Yes, most religions are pyramid schemes, but this one is really obvious. If you want a good net resource for Scientology related info, try Operation Clambake.

WTF? CANADIANS?? Ok, this one took me by surprise. That’s the last thing I would expect to be a racial slur.



  1. Uh, maybe it’s just because my husband was (and eternally is in my mind) a servant (read: waiter) but that’s old news. When you say you just served a table of Canadians it means a group of Black people which you should understand as having been stiffed on a tip. Josh’s sidenote: French Canadians are Russians. Loooovely.

  2. Lego note: same thing has transpired here. Daddy John has all of Josh’s legos…which are soon to be Ezzie’s. šŸ˜€


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