Posted by: Andy | February 3, 2008

big science news

/em watches for armageddon.

People are f-reak-ing-out. Hell, even the tagline is a freak-out. What’s he talking about you say?

Scientist’s now say they can create sperm from female bone marrow. Just in time for the finale of Y-The Last Man! Perfect!

More links, lest you think I’m crazy(or more so): 1 2 3 4

Sidebar: If 355 isn’t black in the inevitable Y movie(s)…people need to be raped with post-hole diggers.

Another funny thing about the article, they lament the “death of the father”, when just halfway down the page they say:

“Researchers at the Butantan Institute in Brazil, meanwhile, claim to have turned embryonic stem cells from male mice into both sperm and eggs. They are now working on skin cells.”

Then again, it is the DailyMail, they like to freak out about shit. The “biological role of the father is under threat” – because lesbians totally outnumber straight women (ie those who would rather have the baby inserted via squirmy sausage). Yes, lesbians outnumber straight women but only in porn dipshits, only in porn. Even if every gay/lesbian couple in the world started clonin’ them some gay babies, they still would & could not be a majority. At least now they have a chance at genetic children. Should be interesting.

But seriously. Big science news. Some scientist is gonna get killed before too long, just wait. Which sucks of course, but that’s how fundamentalists react.



  1. Is this like when they started “cloning” stuff? Because while that sounds all science-fictiony and stuff…it was pretty lackluster and unimpressive.

  2. Ehh, it’s not really cloning at all I think, I just group them together because both tend to alarm extremists.

    The basic gist of this seems to be allowing gay couples to have genetically bound children.

    Other sidebar benefits of the technology include being able to make sperm for men that can’t, and eggs for women that can’t.

  3. We’ll see when we see. *Doubting Thomas*


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