Posted by: Andy | February 10, 2008

video of the day: Erykah Badu – Honey

A nice mellow track, the first single off her next album (due out 02/26 I believe).

Very cool video too.

I know, I know, I’m a few days behind – what else is new?



  1. Talk about being late, I just saw her set – assuming she’s only had one? – on the Chapelle show. It was pretty sexylicious. Can’t even remember the name of the song she was singing but it was hot.

  2. Hmmm, was it this one?

    That was actually the song that got me into her. Something about it just rocks. Or uh..grooves, or whatever hip-hop does when it’s rocking.

    She does that track in Chapelle’s Block Party too I think – or that’s one of the ones that made it into the final movie. DAMN I wish there was a bonus disc with the entire concert footage..they cheesed and put in only like 1-2 songs from each artist.

  3. Nopers. It was “I Want U’… much hotter.

  4. Hmm, this one then? Was this really on the first ep?? I swear I don’t remember seeing that on the DVDs, will have to check.

    Also very cool, but Puff is still my favorite.

  5. There aren’t many of the musical performances on the series DVD, btw. I’m not really sure how they determined which ones they’d keep. That one is hot, though.

  6. […] cd reviews: New Amerykah & Carnval vol. II OK, it must be hip-hip day inside my head I guess. No, that can’t be right, because I woke up with Neil Diamond’s Forever in Blue Jeans stuck in my head. That was odd. So, first off, I’m quite let down by New Amerykah. I’m expecting the music press may be all over it as “bold”, “experimental” and “innovative” but for me, frankly, sometimes I just want an artist to put out predictably great music. I love her other albums, but this one will be reserved to background music I suspect. There are only a few tracks that even really feel like “songs” in the standard sense, others are like spoken word, and some just feel like fucking around. Not knocking the musical skill at all, there’s lots of that here, it’s just not particularly compelling to me. She ’s always been experimental, so none of this is really a surprise. The best/most listenable by not avante-garde audiences is first single – Honey, which I’ve already posted the video […]


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