Posted by: Andy | February 11, 2008

95% album: Green Day – Dookie

Now, when I buy a CD I try to make sure I like the album as a whole, as rule I never buy an album for just a track or two – that’s what downloads & digital music are for. But, even with the best artists, there’s usually a track or two that’s just kinda meh. I mean, I’ll enjoy listening to it when I play the album, but I’d probably never seek out that track on its own, and I may wonder why it wasn’t left off an otherwise outstanding disc. It seems like most of my CDs are about 75-85% good. There’s usually 1-2 tracks that are either meh, so-so, or just don’t hold up to the rest of the disc – maybe they would be good elsewhere, but they pale in comparison to the rest.

So, I’m going to do a re-ocurring bit about the albums in my collection (and elsewhere that I haven’t bought yet, if they exist) that are at the top of crop for that critera (% of “good” songs). Note that this doesn’t mean that I like a 95% album better than an 85% one. I know, that may sound weird – but an album can be super solid and still be beaten by another that had some really good songs, but couldn’t keep it going all the way through.

Onward towards today!

So I was listening to this (Dookie) in the car today on the way to meet Jen for lunch when I remember what a fucking good CD it is. No skippers. I was actually backing up and replaying tracks mid-album (something I almost never do). Every track could have been a single – meaning they are all as “good” and radio friendly as the 3 that were released. My favorite songs (She, Pulling Teeth) weren’t even singles! Yes, the album title is stupid, but it sort of fits their dorky-pop-punk thing.

So where does it lose 5%? On the stupid hidden track. I mean, it’s a funny little track, but it sounds like shit, so it totally throws off the “whole album” vibe.


I’ve added She & Pulling Teeth as streams on my Vox blog. Click on the links to check them out.



  1. I like maybe two Green Day songs. But I have something against angsty things that are bandwagoned. Doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the artist. It’s me. I’m sorry. Plus if I don’t like the radio songs it’s not really high on my list to listen to the remainder.

  2. Note: Check out the streams I posted in the original blog.

    Hmm, but I’d think it would be hard to hate the ones who started the bandwagon going…

    NOoooo not that they started punk or anything, it’s all one long chain of descent blah blah. Buuttttt, mucho bands these days are just turning out shitty Green Day knock-offs.

    Oh, you should check out the entire American Idiot album…I wouldn’t say it’s punk anymore, but they did manage to create a full fledged rock opera. And it’s GOOD.

  3. No, the bandwagon is about the consumers not the artists. Part of the reason I didn’t feel ooky about loving Bush so much is that “true Nirvana fans” (insert barf) completely denied their awesomeness and always accused them of biting, which is funny because I couldn’t ever stand crapfest Cobain. Ever. For never. Which… has nothing to do with this blog but I’m tired and tangent-y.

    I hated the single American Idiot sooooo…. I just
    … don’t like their sound. I’m sorry. It’s out of my control.

    I’ll like something else you like and we’ll call it even. 🙂

  4. I would agree with you that muchos bands maintenant sound like crappy rip offs. But that would explain why I don’t listen to the radio, watch MTV or generally have any knowledge of current pop music. I don’t think we need a million bands pushing the “white boy” sound anyway. Those voices make me wanna clear their nasal passages. With a shotgun. … Love that Jared Leto band single, on another note. Sure, he’s a little touched in the head but that song is awesome. Yesterday? What’s it called? What’s this got to do with anything? Oh, well it’s kinda current, right?

  5. No need to agree, the world would be a boring place if that were the case.

    I also don’t watch any MTV and avoid old school radio like the plague. Sirius satellite radio on the other hand, is pretty damn decent.

    I haven’t heard of the Jared Leto thing, isn’t that an actor’s name?

  6. Yeah, he’s the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman. I’ve only heard that one song from them.

    Wait which agreement are you referring to – cuz I do agree about rip-off new bands. … You know when I really couldn’t stand to hear Green Day? When Darci (ask Jen) started “singing” their songs all the time. God, why can’t people hear themselves?!?


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