Posted by: Andy | February 18, 2008

Z is on the move

He’s been crawling around for a little while now, and just started sitting himself up inside the last week somewhere.  Fun stuff!

He’s right on the cusp of getting into things – he found the new dresser we put together this weekend, and figured out how to pull the drawers open in about 5 seconds.  Ok, cool whatever.  Then he pulls himself up on the drawer…and nearly smashes his fingers (off?).  MMm, not good.  Those little childproof things wouldn’t help here either, as they just stop something from being opened all the way (at least the ones I remember), not being opened partway then slammed onto tiny fingers.

But it’s all a learning experience right?

He continues to be the most adorable baby ever.  Of course.  He’s got a several syllables he mumbles when he gets upset (yes “mama” & “dada” are in there – but he has no idea what they mean), and he just started doing the cutest little thing where he opens and closes his mouth and makes a little popping noise – sometimes when he’s hungry.

Off to feed the little emperor now, or else I’ll be punished!



  1. Okay but I can’t respond immediately if your blogs are so close together! My surfer only shows the most recent one per person… plus, YUMMY ZEPHYR ZAIN!! Keep your fingers!

  2. Sez the woman who posts like 50 blogs a day!
    You could try Google Reader, that catches everything.

  3. Why are you always trying to get me to use ever more applications, Andrew?!?


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