Posted by: Andy | February 19, 2008

Two interesting stories from This American Life

OK, so I know white people love public radio, so I guess I’m just a stereotype. But hey, I started watching the TV version on Netflix-online the other night, finished all those, then moved on to some of the radio shows. There are so freaking many though, you have to pick and choose. I’ve gone through a few so far, and here are two really fascinating ones I listened to while watching Zain yesterday.  Both are about an hour long, and worth listening to all the way through.

Heretics – One story occupies the whole hour – it’s about a very prominent charismatic/pentecostal preacher, Carlton Pearson, and how his mega-church in Tulsa went to a mini-church operating out of other church’s space.

Take a Negro Home – two stories of black/white interaction.  The first is about a failed interracial marriage from the 60s – which seems to be like it failed because they a) didn’t really know each other and b) weren’t really open/honest/up front about shit.   Similar to my parent’s marriage – seems like many people from that time period just got married and never bothered to really be “open” with the other person.  I’d like to think our generation is doing it better, but who knows.  The pov character’s dad’s frat name was Omega Psi Phi (spelling?).  Say it out loud. Awesome!  The second is about a kid from a really poor neighborhood making the jump to an ivy league school.



  1. I thought it was old people love public radio. Although who doesn’t love NPR… unless you’re driving to school with your dad and want to listen to actual music in the morning.

  2. I used to listen to it in LA, and occasionally catch the news on OPB up here in the mornings. Now, Sirius satellite radio keeps us safe from the obnoxiousness that is most radio.

    99% of the time I’m in the car though, I want to hear music. Stuff like the stuff I mention in the post is good for when you have other shit going on. Like watching the baby :).


    Check this out.


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