Posted by: Andy | February 20, 2008

500th cd

OK, I’m not sure which one technically counts as the 500th, since I had 499 and then received 3 in the mail at the same time. BUT, I just broke 500 cds – and it only took me 12 or so years!  I don’t think I have one that technically counts as the 500th, since I received all the (Centaur – In Streams, Slow Dazzle – The View from the Floor & National Skyline – This=Everything) at the same time.  I’ll just say it was Centaur, since that’s the disc I like best out of the three.

Here’s a random song off each album, courtesy of Vox:

Centaur – Wait for the Sun

Slow Dazzle – Anthem

National Skyline – Day on the Beach

National Skyline has Jeff Dimpsey, Hum’s old drummer.  I may not get their other discs, this one is just too mellow and uninteresting for me.

Centaur is Matt Talbot’s (vocals & guitar from Hum) side project, although they only
had one album.  This album surprised me, and is pretty good for background music at least.  It’s nowhere near as good as Hum, but it’s better than Glifted & National Skyline.  To my tastes.

Slow Dazzle is a side project of Timothy Bracy & Shannon McArdle (the then married, now divorced, couple from Mendoza Line).  It’s overly mellow for my tastes.

If anyone is curious about my CD collection, here’s a link to a publish from Google docs.  I’ve got another 40-50 cds that aren’t on that list, because they’re pretty much just detritus of my youth, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of them yet.  Anything without a purchase date I probably bought before i started keeping track in 2000.  8 years?  Wow, that’s a long time to be anal about one thing.  Or maybe not…



  1. congrats on the major moment. i guess it’s about time for some piracy to commence, huh?

  2. Huh what? My ship has not yet sailed!
    All of my cds are ripped of course. Man was it a project when I first started, but now that I’m caught up I just rip each new one as it arrives.

    Andy might like National Skyline, they seem more his kind of thing than mine.

  3. I’m at 469, but you’ve got a few years on me, old man!


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