Posted by: Andy | February 22, 2008

Wolverine & the X-men

So, there’s a new X-Men cartoon coming out on Fox eventually…I *guess* it’s a continuation of X-Men evolution. I say that because the relative ages of the characters still seem to match – Wolverine, Storm, Beast = old, everyone else = slightly older kid, and the animation style looks similar.  It will be called (duh) Wolverine & the X-Men – which makes sense from the story it looks like they are trying to tell, but still annoys the hell out of me because he is so over-exposed.  But hey, whatever keeps the series going for more than a few seasons right?

The really interesting bit, is that it’s actually set in “the future”.  Things have actually progressed from a point and are no longer static.  That’s pretty huge for a comic property.  The big changes seem to be that Jean & the Professor are (most likely temporarily) dead.  Rogue may also be a villain, but I’d say that’s just a character arc.

Quicksilver sounds like a douche, but that’s usually the case right?



  1. I’ve been watching the former Fox animated series (not the 1985 one, the awesome one) in chronological order on youtube. So insanely better than the live action crapfest franchise. Still – and forever – bothered by the everyone loves Jean for God knows what reason but I definitely am going to have to buy the whole series. Also, because they’re in that whole nostalgia equals paydirt groove, there’s a Wolverine movie (along with GI Joe, more Transformers, everything you can think of) that looks like they’re putting wayyy too many people in it. We’ll see. I love Wolverine but I really would’ve loved if Halle Berry hadn’t reduced Storm to a c-list lamewad with no interesting use of her amazing powers. I may have already said all this on my blog.

  2. Wolverine sucks. Hi Frenchy!

  3. OMG Stevens sighting.

    He does suck though.

  4. If by “he sucks” you mean “he’s the epitome of sexy”. Then yes. Yes, he is.


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