Posted by: Andy | February 24, 2008

boxes and boxes of books – updated

ok, there were actually 90 books in those boxes. Where did I get 40??

Here’s the haul in full:

The False Mirror (The Damned, Book 2) Foster, Alan Dean
Call to Arms (The Damned, Book 1) Foster, Alan Dean
The Color of Her Panties (Xanth, Book 15) Anthony, Piers
Roc and a Hard Place Anthony, Piers
Harpy Thyme (Xanth) Anthony, Piers
Geis of the Gargoyle (Xanth) Anthony, Piers
Question Quest Anthony, Piers
Golem in the Gears (The Magic of Xanth, Book 9) Anthony, Piers
Crewel Lye (Magic of Xanth) Anthony, Piers
Phaze Doubt (Apprentice Adept Series, Book 7) Anthony, Piers
Unicorn Point (Apprentice Adept) Anthony, Piers
Robot Adept (Apprentice Adept Series, Book Five) (Apprentice Adept) Anthony, Piers
Out of Phaze (Apprentice Adept) Anthony, Piers
The Last Battle (Chronicles of Narnia, Book 7) Lewis, C. S.
The Magician’s Nephew Lewis, C S
Silver Chair Lewis, C S
Horse and His Boy Lewis, C.s
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia, Book 1) Lewis, C. S.
Prince Caspian Lewis, C.S.
Master of the Five Magics Hardy, Lyndon
The Horse King Knaak, Richard A.
The Dragon Crown Knaak, Richard A.
The Crystal Dragon (Dragonrealm) Knaak, Richard A.
Dragon Tome: Origin of Dragonrealm Knaak, Richard A.
Children of the Drake (Origin of Dragonrealm) Knaak, Richard A.
Shadow Steed Knaak, Richard A.
Shrouded Realm (Origin of Dragonrealm) Knaak, Richard A.
Wolfhelm Knaak, Richard A.
Icedragon Knaak, Richard A.
Firedrake: The Dragonrealm Knaak, Richard A.
The Last Book of Swords: Shieldbreaker’s Story (Books of Lost Swords) Saberhagen, Fred
The Seventh Book of Lost Swords: Wayfinder’s Story (Books of Lost Swords) Saberhagen, Fred
The Third Book of Lost Swords: Stonecutter’s Story (Swords) Saberhagen, Fred
Second Book of Lost Swords: Sightblinders Story Saberhagen, Fred
Third Book of Swords Saberhagen, Fred
The Second Book of Swords Saberhagen, Fred
The First Book of Swords Saberhagen, Fred
Forward the Foundation (Foundation Novels) Asimov, Isaac
Foundation’s Edge (Foundation Novels) Asimov, Isaac
Second Foundation (Foundation Novels) Asimov, Isaac
Foundation and Empire (Foundation Novels) Asimov, Isaac
Foundation (Foundation Novels) Asimov, Isaac
Prelude to Foundation (Foundation Novels) Asimov, Isaac
A Second Chance at Eden Hamilton, Peter F. (And the entire Night’s Dawn trilogy, which I’d already purchased 2nd copies of, I think I’ll give them to someone).
Quicker than the Eye Bradbury, Ray
I sing the body electric! Bradbury, Ray
The October Country Bradbury, Ray
A Medicine for Melancholy Bradbury, Ray
The Golden Apples of the Sun Bradbury, Ray
S Is for Space Bradbury, Ray
The Machineries of Joy Bradbury, Ray
The Day it Rained Forever Bradbury, Ray
The Illustrated Man Bradbury, Ray
Something Wicked This Way Comes (Grand Master Editions) Bradbury, Ray
And Eternity (Incarnations of Immortality) Anthony, Piers
For Love of Evil: Book Six of Incarnations of Immortality Anthony, Piers
Being a Green Mother (Incarnations of Immortality, Book Five) Anthony, Piers
Wielding a Red Sword (Incarnations of Immortality) Anthony, Piers
With a Tangled Skein (Book Three of Incarnations of Immortality) Anthony, Piers
Bearing An Hourglass (Incarnations of Immortality, Book 2) Anthony, Piers
On a Pale Horse (Incarnations of Immortality, Bk. 1) Anthony, Piers
Codgerspace Foster, Alan Dean
Black Lodge Weinberg, Robert
Mallworld Sucharitkul, Somtow
3001 The Final Odyssey Clarke, Arthur C.
2061: Odyssey Three Clarke, Arthur C.
2010: Odyssey Two Clarke, Arthur C.
2001: A Space Odyssey Clarke, Arthur C.
A Swiftly Tilting Planet (Time Quartet) L’Engle, Madeleine
A Wind in the Door (Time Quartet) L’Engle, Madeleine
A Wrinkle in Time L’Engle, Madeleine
Silver on the tree (The dark is rising sequence) Cooper, Susan
The Dark is Rising Cooper, Susan
Greenwitch Cooper, Susan
Over Sea, Under Stone Cooper, Susan
The Grey King Cooper, Susan
The Seventh Gate: A Death Gate Novel, Volume 7 (Death Gate Cycle) Weis, Margaret
Into the Labyrinth (Death Gate Cycle) Weis, Margaret
The Hand of Chaos (Death Gate Cycle, Book 5) Weis, Margaret
Serpent Mage (The Death Gate Cycle, Vol 4) Weis, Margaret
Fire Sea: The Death Gate Cycle, Volume 3 (Death Gate Cycle) Weis, Margaret
Elven Star: The Death Gate Cycle, Volume 2 (Death Gate Cycle) Weis, Margaret
Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle, Book 1) Weis, Margaret
The Robots of Dawn Asimov, Isaac
The Naked Sun Asimov, Isaac
Caves of Steel (Robot City) Asimov, Isaac
I, Robot Asimov, Isaac

Oh, and I had explosive diarrhea today.



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