Posted by: Andy | February 24, 2008

boxes and boxes of books

So last time we were home, I went through my dad’s storage space and found many of the books I read as a teenager.

I separated them all nicely from the junk I didn’t want loitering around our house yet, and asked him to send them up. So he has. I still have one box that hasn’t arrived yet, but right now I have 40 or so books in a pile on the floor I’m trying to make room for.

Some that I’ve been waiting years to re-read and put off buying again (Asimov’s Robot & Foundation books), others I couldn’t wait that long and bought again (Peter F. Hamilton’s Night’s Dawn stuff – best sci-fi written in my lifetime!), others I’m not too keen on re-reading anytime soon (Narnia & Xanth stuff – more “young adult” type stuff), and others I totally forgot about, that I may re-read (Arthur C. Clarke 2001, 2010, etc. , Fred Saberhagen‘s Swords, The Death Gate novels, Piers Anthony’s Incarnations series, and 2/3 of Alan Dean Foster’s The Damned series, which I don’t actually remember reading. A long delayed “to read” pile unearthed?).

I’m currently re-reading the Robot stuff – just finished all those, but then I realized I didn’t have the Empire books, which come between Robot & Foundation, so I have to put the Foundation off. Soo, not sure where to go from here.

Oh, and I scored a first paperback printing of Children of Dune for like .50 the other day in this thrift shop Jen wanted to check out. Score!



  1. Sounds like a great re-find. I hope your wife is understanding, with all those books piling up.

  2. sweeeeet. Books rock so hard.

  3. Man, that kinda makes me wish my Dad hadn’t put my entire trunk of keepsakes outside to be rained on for a couple of years. I had quite a few composition books in there. …. Hm. Still kinda makes me sad.

  4. See, this is why I continue to pack up the ridiculous amount of books I have. I can rediscover all this stuff whenever I feel like digging through a bookshelf or two.

  5. Man, I have way too many books now…all these are just piled on the floor, it’s kind of sad and and old-person-with-9 cats-ish. I can’t wait until we can move and I can have some built-in wall height bookshelves put in!!

    Between us we have a fucking library, so many books!

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