Posted by: Andy | February 24, 2008

The best $.91 cd ever

Reposted from my Vox blog.

OK, it was closer to $4.00 after shipping, but that’s still pretty damn cheap, especially for Amazon. Click on used+new, you’ll see at least one left (at time of posting) for $.98 NEW – mine was $.91 NEW, sealed, etc. Nice to see Amazon trying to sell it for $13 new. Go go gadget capitalism!

I picked two tracks at random (click image to play) – Alkaline Trio: Wait for the Blackout

06. Wait For The Blackout

One Man Army: Let’s Call it an Evening

12. Let's Call it an Evening

The best $4 I’ve spent on music in a long time.



  1. Okay, I went with door number two. Song’s not my cup-o-tea but I love his voice.

  2. Yeah he’s got a neat voice, their songs are kind of light-weight, but lots of fun.

  3. Hey nice site. Seems to be lots of good info on here. I have a DVD and CD website that might be of interest to you guys. It covers pretty much all film categiories and some music sections too. In particular, the CDs are quite cheap. Why not take a look if you get time?

    Please also feel free to leave feedback – even if you think the site’s rubbish or the prices are too high.

  4. Not the biggest fan of Alkaline Trio or OMA, but the Split Series with Rancid and NOFX SLAYS.
    Yeah, I said it. I like NOFX. Deal with it.

  5. I have that one too! It IS excellent. Although I wish they’d gone with original songs instead of covers. I’d MUCH rather have new Rancid material than NoFX covers…

    Another great split is Youth Brigade/Swinging Utters. Fucking rocks.

    I’ll try and post some tracks from those later.

  6. […] told Brian I’d post some stuff from 2 BYO splits I have, so here we […]


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