Posted by: Andy | February 26, 2008

book run

So I was so motivated by inventorying all those books that I hit Powell’s downtown this weekend to try and fill in some of the newly discovered holes in my collection.

Fred Saberhagen: Broken Lands, Black Mountains, Changeling Earth, Ardneh’s Sword
[pics from this site]

All prequels (and all except the last actually written before) his wonderful Swords series – which was one of my favorites as a kid. I managed to score 1st printings for the first two – from 1968 & 1971 I think – for only $4-5 a piece. For Changeling I found a 10th, but it was STILL hella old looking. I love those small (100-200), yellow 60-70s fantasy paperbacks. I guess that was “pulp”? We need to bring that shit back! I’m all for long books, but a book doesn’t HAVE to be 600 (or even 300) pages to get the job done – all the amazing gems from this era are perfect proof of that. I think if I ever finish my current novel I’m going to try and write me some pulp. Hey, it should be easier right – half the page count at least ;).

Robert Jordan: Knife of Dreams & Crossroads of Twilight 1st edition hardcovers – these were on sale for $7, so I picked them up. I’m trying to get the whole run in 1st edition hardcover, even though I know it’s impossible now. I think I just need the first 5…

Isaac Asimov: Robots & Empire, Foundation & Earth – I didn’t realize there was a 4th robots book. Doh! I went there trying to find the Empire series, but they only had one copy of the 1st book, and none of the others. I didn’t like the format so I put it off. Ebay/Amazon here I come! F&E I just never got around to reading before.

We also picked up some baby books for Z – a Clifford one, one by Spike Lee (pictured at left) and another that caught my eye – something I remembered from my youth. Or maybe I just remembered it being on the shelf when I was older than young enough to have it read to me. That would be the book on the right.

He will enjoy trying to eat them I’m sure.  He’s quite the book connoisseur.  He loves eating that big photo book Bethany sent us; it must be quite tasty!



  1. Clifford is devil spawn.


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