Posted by: Andy | February 29, 2008


See Andrew Sullivan here for a nice blurb on Obama and gay rights.

Yes, I’ve read the dirt on Oba’s early political career and yes, it is dirt. He’s a fucking politician; I have no illusions about him being “clean”, I just think he’s a much better choice than Clinton(s) or McCain. Did anyone in their right mind think Kennedy was clean? He was one of the most scandalous motherfuckers out there, yet he still managed to inspire. Just like his brother. Yes, that makes me afraid someone will try to kill Oba. Hopefully the SS is in better shape now. Violent bits of America hate inspirational leaders.

Also, great blog entry here on Obama & the “race card”.

Great blog here on his name & its context in Americana/politics.

Seriously, check ’em all out.



  1. I just think he’s a much better choice than Clinton(s) or McCain. – WHY?

    Has he given you goose bumps? This guy has no plan other than use big government power to give more power to unions – it’s even on his web site.

    Sorry – Obama reminds me too much of Jim Jones – all fluffy promises with allot of bad Kool Aid down the road.

  2. Sorry no goose bumps, you can’t throw that talking point “emotional” meme BS at me.

    Here you want one easy answer: He’s much more likable.

    Heavy forbid we have an intelligent, likable president for once.

    We could talk policies, but obviously you disagree with them, so there would be no point in bringing them up. You, like me, have already made up your mind.

    Ahh, I see from your blog that you are the kind of poster who keeps repeating Hussein name over and over again, like that’s supposed to matter. Did you read the post I linked about names above? I doubt that would affect your opinion though. Are you afraid of Middle Easterners and/or Muslims in general?

    I doubt a discussion between us would churn up much of value.

    I do have to say that a comment about cultists from a Ron Paul supporter is like the sweetest, juiciest kind of candied irony to one such as myself.

    That being said, I thought RP was a bright spot in the Republican field of sameness and business as usual. Of course, I wonder how effective light and fluffy magic bullet state’s rights solutions would really be. I figure if we really want to go all state-y, we might as well just split up into 50 separate countries.

    Hah! I called it, second paragraph into your last post here: you’re repeating the “emotional” tripe. Excellent.

  3. i’m super pissed about Ohio and Texas.
    the end.

  4. I have nothing of political value to say. Just that top commenter guy needs to know “a lot” is two words. Not one word with two “l”s.

  5. Man you two are going nuts on my blog today.

    I think he did better in those two states than projected, so it’s still pretty good imho. It just loses him some “good press”. I think he still has a sizeable lead over Hillary in delegates. It’s going to go down to the wire, and just get uglier.

    Can’t wait till that shit is over and I’m either out voting, or sitting at home not caring (Clinton vs. McCain – what a choice! DO NOT WANT!).

  6. Yeah, I seriously can’t use the phone or anything – you know, due to that whole MENSTRUAL MIGRAINE – so I’m having quiet conversations with the internet.

  7. yeah, geez, it was my first day off in like 19 days or something ridiculous like that, i was decompressing and catching up with people i love.

    I am not “going out to the polls” if it’s Clinton vs. McCain…I wonder if you and I are the only ones…

  8. I don’t think Clinton is going to make it…I don’t see how she can.

    That’s how “politics as usual” is played, and that’s all she knows.

    Be on the lookout for shady shit, and fingers crossed against it.


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