Posted by: Andy | March 1, 2008

book review: Empire of the East trilogy

I mentioned I picked these up a few blogs back.  Man, I LOVE pulp sci-fi/fantasy.  Back in the day (60s/70s) in this case they used to cram epics into 150-170 pages.  Compare that to the 600-1000 page behemoths we get today.

There are definite differences of course – there’s not nearly the character development that you get in a modern epic, but in some senses it’s not needed, because the world the author has created is the character.  The human/sentient standard “characters” are aspects or manifestations of the world-character.  Or at least that’s one way to look at it.

Anyway, these 3 are a great read, I highly recommend them to anyone into the genre.  Especially if you enjoyed Saberhagen’s Swords series, as the Swords series is basically a sequel to this one.

If you’re locked into the modern writing style these might really throw you as simplistic in the sense that many things are just skipped over, implied, or happen in the background.  Me, I love it. I get tired of hearing minor characters make 3 page monologues, and other modern “padding” techniques that have become part and parcel of the genre these days.  Not that I can’t stand modern sci/fant, because I love it too – but certain aspects of it annoy me from time to time.  I just need a break to clear my head you know?  Besides, there’s really not much modern stuff I want to read – mostly I’m catching up on old stuff these days.  The modern authors I’m not into I’ve already checked out and decided they don’t hold anything for me (for the most part).

I hope to make an attempt at writing some pulp after I finish my current project – assuming I finish it.  We shall see.

Oh, and I lucked out – all 1st printings!!!  Not that they are worth anything, but stuff like that is cool to book geeks like me.



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